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Section 18 - Single Songs - Duets, Part-Songs, Choral

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Adams, George Archibald Emmett (1889-1938) English

The bells of St Mary's: duet; words by Douglas Furber; arr. Ernest Newton {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 18/003

Adès, Thomas (1971- English

The Fayrfax carol: SATB div./optional organ {Faber} Cab 18/004

Anderson, Margaret Tweedie (19th-20th c.) Scottish

The crookit bawbee: old ballad; addl. words by L. Anderson {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/005

Ascher, Joseph (1829-1869) Dutch

Life's dream is o'er, farewell: romanza for two v. (mez. & ten./sop.) {Ascherberg} 16/050-5 [19]

Life's dream is o'er {from Alice where art thou}: duet for ten. & contr.; words & mus. arr. S. G. P[ratt]. {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/007 a-b

Atkinson, Geoffrey (1944- Scottish

Aignish (fantasy on a Hebridean folk song): for SATB chor. w. opt. sop. & alto soli, vn, vc & hpd (or pf); arr. & transl. fr. Gaelic by Geoffrey Atkinson {Bardic Edition} Cab 18/008

Austin, Frederic (1872-1952) English

Songs in a farmhouse: cycle of [8] trad. songs arr. for SATB {Novello} Cab 18/009

Balfe, Michael William (1808-1870) Irish

Excelsior: duet; poetry by Longfellow {Paxton} Cab 18/011 a-b

Bantock, Granville (Sir) (1868-1946) English

Easter hymn (Cantique de Pâques) Cab 18/002

Barnicott, Reginald S (19th-20th c.) English

The maiden in grey: duet; words by G. Hubi-Newcombe {Boosey} Cab 18/002.5 : No. 1 in G

Bellini, Vincenzo (1801-1835) Italian

Deh! Con te, con te li prendi {from Norma} Cab 18/003

Benedict, Julius (Sir) (1804-1885) German-British

The moon has raised her lamp above {from The Lily of Killarney}: duet (ten. & bar.) {Orpheus} Cab 18/017 : No. 2 in G

Bennett, Frank Roy (b.1938) English

Three carols for the Nativity: voc. duet; words by F. Roy Bennett {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/019

Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990) American

Warm-up: round for mixed chorus {Amberson} Cab 18/020

Besly, Edward Maurice (1888-1945) English

The second minuet: voc. duet; words by Aubrey Dowdon {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/021

Bizet, Georges (1838-1875) French

Au fond du temple saint {from The Pearl Fishers}: duet (ten. & bar.) {United Music} Cab 18/023

Boughton, Rutland (1878-1960) English

Clouds: 2-part song for female (or treble) v.; poem by W. H. Davies {Curwen} Cab 18/025-1

Boyce, William (1711-1779) English

Tell me, lovely shepherd {from Solomon}: air; arr. Elizabeth Poston {OUP} Cab 18/025.3 : high key (SA)

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

Cradle song (Wiegenlied) Cab 18/004

Liebeslieder: Songs of love (waltzes). Erste Sammlung Op. 52: [Nos. 1-18] {Simrock} Cab 18/026(1)

Bridge, Frank (1879-1941) English

A prayer for chorus and orchestra; words by Thomas à Kempis {Augener} Cab 18/026.7

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) English

A boy was born: for SATB unaccomp. {OUP} Cab 18/027-1

Jubilate Deo {OUP} Cab 18/027-2

The National Anthem: for the Leeds Festival 1961 {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/027-3

Cantor, Josef (19th c.)

Banks of Allan Water: part-song, arr. for 4 male v. (ATTB); words by M. G. Lewes [sic] {Novello} Cab 18/031 a-c

Cavalli, (Pier) Francesco (1602-1676) Italian

Prison Scene {from L'Ormindo}: for sop.& ten. {Faber} Cab 18/033

Clifton, Harry (1824-1872) English

Very suspicious: comic duet; arr. M. Hobson {Joseph Williams} Cab 18/035

Coates, Eric (1886-1957) English

Bird songs at eventide; words by Royden Barrie; arr. William Stickles {Chappell} Cab 18/035.3 : No. 2 in Bb (sop. & contr.)

Cooke, William H

Thy will be done: arr. for 1 or 4 v. {London M.P.S.} Cab 18/035.5

Copland, Aaron (1900-1990) American

The promise of living {from The Tender Land}: quintet (SATBB) arr. for mixed chor. w. p. duet accomp.; words by Horace Everett {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/036

Coward, Noël (Sir) (1899-1973) English

I'll see you again {from Bitter Sweet}: voc. duet; words by Noël Coward {Chappell} Cab 18/037

Cowen, Frederic Hymen (1852-1935) English

Onaway, awake, beloved! {from Hiawatha}: voc. duet for ten. & bar. (or bass); words by Longfellow {Metzler} Cab 18/039

Dalby, Martin (1942-2018) Scottish

Ballade pour prier Nostre Dame (1998): for SSA and organ; words by Fran Cab 18/039.5-1

Four miniature songs from Ezra Pound: for 4-part mixed v. Cab 18/039.5

Of thy human heart: carol for SATB & organ Cab 18/039.5-2

Two songs of ascent (Psalm 121 [with tenor solo], 131): for SATB & organ Cab 18/039.5-3

Davie, Cedric Thorpe (1913-1983) Scottish

Quodlibet {from The Jolly Beggars}: SATB; words by Burns {Curwen} Cab 18/040

The Thistle and the Rose: for adolescent v. (SAB), str. & p., org. & bells (ad lib.); text adapted from works by William Dunbar and Edmund Spenser Cab 18/040-2 a-b

Day, Maude Craske (b.1876) English

Arise, O Sun: voc. duet; words by Edward Lockton {Cramer} Cab 18/041 a : No. 5 in Db

Arise, O Sun: voc. duet; words by Edward Lockton {Cramer} Cab 18/041 b-c : No. 6 in Eb

de Lloyd, David John (1883-1948) Welsh

Cadwyn o geinciau gwerin (A chain of folk songs): arr. for equal [ie female] voices; Eng. version by Jack Edwards {Prifysgol Cymru} 18/042

Del Riego, Teresa Clotilde (1876-1968) English

Homing: voc. duet; words by Arthur Salmon {Chappell} Cab 18/043

Demuth, Norman (1898-1968) English

Weep you no more, sad fountains: 2-part choral song; Anon. {OUP} Cab 18/045

Dering, Richard (1580-1630) English

The cries of London: [for 5 v. (SATTB) & 5 viols (Vn,Vn,Va,Va,Vc)]; ed. Denis Stevens {Penn State UP} Cab 18/046

Diack, J. Michael (1869-1947) English

Ae fond kiss: duet (contr. & bar.) {Paterson} Cab 18/047-2

Sing a song of sixpence: 2-part choral (sop. & contr.) {Paterson} Cab 18/047

Dorel, Francis (19th-20th c.) English

The garden of your heart: duet; words by Edward Teschemacher {Boosey} Cab 18/049 : No. 1 in Ab

Dunhill, Thomas Frederick (1877-1946) English

My boat glides with the gliding stream Op. 44 No. 1: quartet (SCTB); words by George MacDonald {Joseph Williams} Cab 18/051

Dvorák, Antonín (1841-1904) Czech

Songs my mother taught me (Als die alte Mutter) Op. 55 No. 4: voc. duet; arr. Alfred Moffat {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 18/053

Elgar, Edward (Sir) (1857-1934) English

How calmly the evening: two-part song; words by T. T. Lynch {Novello} Cab 18/054

Faning, Eaton (1850-1927) English

Moonlight: part-song for SATB; words by Fred. E. Weatherly {Novello} Cab 18/055-1

Song of the Vikings: part-song (SATB); words by Somerville Gibney {Novello} Cab 18/055-2

Finlay, Kenneth George (1882-1974) Scottish

A rose-bud by my early walk: part-song (SATB); words by Burns {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/057

Friml, Rudolf (1879-1972) Czech-American

Indian love call {from Rose Marie}: voc. duet [sop. & ten. or mez. & bar.]; words by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein {Chappell} Cab 18/059 : No. 2 high v.

Gardner, John (1917-2011) English

Seven songs Op. 36: for mixed chor.& small orch. [p. red.]; words by Elizabethan poets Shakespeare, Herrick, Jonson and Wotton {OUP} Cab 18/060

German, Edward (Sir) [=Edward German Jones] (1862-1936) English

In England, Merrie England {from Merrie England}: quartet; words by Basil Hood {Chappell} Cab 18/061-1

Love is meant to make us glad {from Merrie England}: quartet (SATB); words by Basil Hood {Chappell} Cab 18/061-2

Glover, Stephen (1813-1870) English

Over the hawthorn hedge: duet (copy-a cover: for 2 sop.); words by J. Wilce {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/063-2 a-b : in Bb

Tell us, O tell us: voc. duet; words by J. E. Carpenter {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/063-3

Godard, Benjamin Louis Paul (1849-1895) French

Angels guard thee (Berceuse de Jocelyn): duet (cover: for sop. & bar.); words by S. J. Reilly; arr. Ernest Newton {Cramer} Cab 18/065 a

Angels guard thee (Berceuse): voc. duet for sop. & bar. (cover); words by S. J. Reilly; arr. Ernest Newton {Cramer} Cab 18/065 b

Gounod, Charles-François (1818-1893) French

Duo {from Philémon et Baucis}: duo (mez. & bar.); poème de J. Barbier & M. Carré {Choudens} Cab 18/067-1

Lend me your hand: voc. duet for ten. & bar.; words by Henry Farnie; arr. Ernest Newton {Metzler} Cab 18/067-3

O divine Redeemer: voc. duet for sop. & contr.; words by Alfred Phillips {Cramer} Cab 18/067-2 : in C

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

O lovely peace: duet {from Judas Maccabaeus} {Novello} Cab 18/069

Hawthorne, Alice [=Septimus Winner] (1827-1902) American

Whispering hope: voc. duet (sop. & contr.); words by Alice Hawthorne {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/071

Heuberger, Richard Franz Joseph (1850-1914) Austrian

Im chambre separée {from Der Opernball}: song (SA/TB) {Bosworth} Cab 18/073

Hook, James (1746-1827) English

A little farm well tilled: humorous trio; composed by James Hook {Paxton} Cab 18/074-1

Horn, Charles Edward (1786-1849) English

I know a bank: voc. duet; words by Shakespeare {Broome} Cab 18/075-1

The singing lesson: clebrated duet by Fioravante; words by A. S. Arnold {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/075-2

Howells, Herbert (1892-1982) English

Here is the little door: carol-anthem for SATB unaccomp.; words by Frances Chesterton {Stainer & Bell} Cab 18/076-1

Long, long ago: carol-anthem for SATB unaccomp.; words by John Buxton {Novello} Cab 18/076-4

Sing lullaby: carol-anthem for SATB unaccomp.; words by F W Harvey {Stainer & Bell} Cab 18/076-3

A spotless rose: carol-anthem for SATB unaccomp. {Stainer & Bell} Cab 18/076-2

Humperdinck, Engelbert (1854-1921) German

Brother, come and dance {from Hansel & Gretel}: dance-duet {Schott} Cab 18/077-2 a-b

Evening prayer {from Hansel & Gretel}: duet {Schott} Cab 18/077-1

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie (1862-1946) American

Just a-wearyin' for you: voc. duet; words by Frank Stanton; arr. Emerson James {Frederick Harris} Cab 18/079-2

A perfect day: voc. duet [sop. & ten] Cab 18/079 a

A perfect day: voc. duet [contr. or mez. & bar.] Cab 18/079 b

Kern, Jerome David (1885-1945) American

The way you look tonight; words by Dorothy Fields; arr. George Mitchell {Chappell} Cab 18/079.2

Ketèlbey, Albert William (1875-1959) English

In a monastery garden: arr. as a male-voice quartet by the composer; words & music Albert W. Ketèlbey {Larway} Cab 18/079.5

Knight, Richard (20th c.) English

The coming of a dream: duet for female voices; words by Florence Hoare {Weekes} Cab 18/080

Koven, Reginald de (1859-1920) American

The owl and the pussy cat Op. 49: choral version (TTBB); [words by Edward Lear] {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/081

Lehmann, Elizabeth Nina Mary Frederika (Liza) (1862-1918) English

At love's beginning: duet for sop. & bar.; words by Thomas Campbell {Boosey} Cab 18/085 a-c : No. 1 in G

More daisies: new songs of childhood for 4 solo voices (SCTBar/B); words by Robert Louis Stevenson, W. B. Rands etc {Boosey} 10/045-8.4 [3]

Löhr, Hermann Frederic (1872-1944) English

The day is done: duet; words by Longfellow {Chappell} Cab 18/087 : No. 1 low v.

Longstaffe, Ernest (1884-1958) English

Oh Sarah! Oh 'Enery!: humorous ('yokel') duet for lady & gentleman; [words & music Ernest Longstaffe] {Reynolds} Cab 18/089

Lucantoni, Giovanni (1825-1902) Italian

A night in Venice (Una notte in Venezia): voc. duet (mez. & bar.); orig. M. Marcello; Eng. words Theo. Marzials {Ricordi} Cab 18/091 : No. 3 in Eb

MacLeod, Anne Campbell (1855-1921) Scottish

Skye boat song {from Songs of the North}: duet; words by Harold Boulton; arr. Malcolm Lawson {Cramer} Cab 18/083 : in G

Marks, James Christopher (1863-1946) Irish

Oft we wandered: voc. duet for sop. & bar.; words by Walter Thackwell {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/093

Martin, (Frederick John) Easthope (1882-1925) English

The ballad-monger: duet for sop. & bar. in E; lyric by Helen Taylor {Enoch & Sons} Cab 18/095-1

Come to the fair {from Three More Songs of the Fair}: duet for 2 med v.; duet for high & med v.; lyric by Helen Taylor Cab 18/016-2 : No. 2 in A

Come to the fair {from Three More Songs of the Fair}: song (duet for 2 med v. ); lyric by Helen Taylor {Enoch & Sons} Cab 18/095-2 : in A

Fairings {from Four Songs of the Fair}: duet for high & low v.; lyric by Helen Taylor {Enoch & Sons} Cab 18/095-3

The Holy Child: Luther's 'Cradle Hymn'; poem by Martin Luther {Enoch & Sons} Cab 17/384-4 a-b : No. 2 in Bb

Marzials, Theophile-Jules-Henri (1850-1920) Anglo-Italian

Fly, little dove: set in canon for two equal v.; words by M. Beverley {Weekes} Cab 18/097-1 : No. 2 in F

Friendship: duet in canon; words by Sir Philip Sidney {Metzler} Cab 18/097-2 : No. 2 in G

Love: duet in canon; words by Ben Jonson {Metzler} Cab 18/097-3 : No. 1 in F

Meglio, Vincenzo de (1825-1883) Italian

Santa Lucia (Neapolitan barcarolle): for SSA accomp.; Eng. version Brenda Cleather; arr. Harry Dexter {Ricordi} Cab 18/099

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

The maybells and the flowers (Maiglockchen und die Blümelein): two-part song Cab 18/016.8

O wert thou in thy cauld blast: duet; by Robert Burns {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/100

Menotti, Gian-Carlo (1911-2007) Italian-American

The shepherds' chorus {from Amahl and the Night Visitors}; words by Gian-Carlo Menotti {Chappell} Cab 18/101

Messager, André (1853-1929) French

Trot here and there: duet [sop. & bar.]; words by Lilian Eldée & Percy Greenbank {Chappell} Cab 18/103

Molloy, James Lynam (1837-1909) Irish

The Kerry dance; words by James Molloy {Boosey} Cab 18/105-1

Love's old sweet song: voc. duet [sop. & ten]; words by Clifton Bingham {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/105--2(2)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

Give me thy hand (Là ci darem) {from Don Giovanni}: voc. duet [sop. & bar.] {Ricordi} Cab 18/107

Sweet zephyr (Sull' aria) {from Le Nozze di Figaro}: duet [sop. & sop. Susanna & the Countess] {Schirmer} Cab 18/107-2

Murray, Alan (1890-1952) English

I'll walk beside you: song; words by Edward Lockton {Chappell} Cab 18/108

Newton, Ernest (1856-1922) Welsh

In Springtime: duet for sop. & contr., sop. & bar., or ten. & bar.; words by Shakespeare {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/109-2 : No. 2 in A (sop. & contr.)

The keys of Heaven {from English County Songs}: duet; Anon. {Cramer} Cab 18/109-1 a-c : [No. 1 in] G

O'Hogan, Betsy [=Lawrence Wright] (1888-1964) English

Old Father Thames (keeps rolling along): for male v. (TTBB); words by Raymond Wallace; arr. Henry Geehl {Lawrence Wright} Cab 18/113 a-e

Offenbach, Jacques (1819-1880) German-French

Gendarmes' duet {from Geneviève de Brabant}; words by H. B. Farnie {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/111-1 a-b : No. 2 in F

Gendarmes' duet {from Geneviève de Brabant}; words by H. B. Farnie {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/111-1 c-e : No. 1 in D

Night of stars and night of love {from Tales of Hoffmann}: barcarole (voc. duet) {Cramer} Cab 18/111-2 a : in F

Night of stars and night of love {from Tales of Hoffmann}: barcarole (voc. duet) {Cramer} Cab 18/111-2 b-d : in D (sop. & mez./contr.)

Pearsall, Robert (1795-1856) English

O who will o'er the downs so free? (Hickenstirn's song): chor. in 4 parts (SATB/ATTB) {Gould} Cab 18/115 a-b

Pélissier, Harry Gabriel (1874-1913) English

Awake!: serenade (voc. duet); words by Sir William Davenant {Gould & Bolttler} Cab 18/117 : No. 1 in F (sop. & contr./bar.)

Pitfield, Thomas Baron (1903-1999) English

Ballad of a minstrel: two-part; words by Thomas B. Pitfield {Banks} Cab 18/118

Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) Italian

The love duet (Vogliatemi bene) {from Madam Butterfly}: sop. & ten. (orig. key) {Ricordi} Cab 18/121-1

Tutti i fior' (The flower duet) {from Madam Butterfly}: sop. & mez. Cab 18/122-2

Purcell, Edward Cockram (1853-1932) English

Passing by: voc. duet (high v., low v.); words by Herrick {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/123

Purcell, Henry (c1659-1695) English

Lost is my quiet: duet for sop. & bass; arr. Michael Tippett {Schott} Cab 18/125-1

Saul and the witch at Endor {from Harmonia Sacra}; arr. Benjamin Britten {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/125-3

The Lord is my shepherd Cab 18/125-2

Sound the trumpet {from 'Come, ye Sons of Art'}: for SA chorus of women's voices w. p.acc. {Lawson-Gould} Cab 18/125-4

Upon a quiet conscience {Novello, Ewer} 10/045-8.2 [12a]

Quilter, Roger (1877-1953) English

It was a lover and his lass Op. 23 No. 3: duet (sop. & contr.); words by Shakespeare {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/127-1 a-b : No. 3 [in F]

Love calls through the Summer night {from Rosmé}: duet (mez. & bar.); words by Rodney Bennett {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 18/127-2 : No. 1 in Dmin

Roberton, Hugh Stevenson (Sir) (1874-1952) Scottish

All in the April evening: part-song for SCTB; words by Katherine Tynan {Curwen} Cab 18/129-1

The wee cooper o' Fife: for mixed v. SCTB; Old Scots ballad {Curwen} Cab 18/129-2

Romberg, Sigmund (1887-1951) Hungarian-American

The riff song {from The Desert Song}: quartet for TTBB; words by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II {Chappell} Cab 18/131-1 a-c

Tell me Daisy {from Blossom Time}; lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly; adapted from the music of Franz Schubert & Heinrich Berté {Leo. Feist} Cab 18/131-2

Ronald, Landon (Sir) (1873-1938) English

O lovely night! {from Summertime}: song; words by Ed. Teschemacher {Enoch & Sons} Cab 18/132 a-b : in Bb

Rossini, Gioachino Antonio (1792-1868) Italian

Duetto buffo di due gatti: [duet for 2 sop.] {Ricordi} Cab 18/133

Rota, Nino (1911-1979) Italian

Take the sun: duet for sop. & ten.; words by Emery Bonett {Keith, Prowse} Cab 18/135

Rubens, Paul A (1876-1917) English

I love the moon: vocal duet (for sop. & bar.); words & music Paul A. Rubens {Chappell} Cab 18/136

Rubinstein, Anton (1829-1894) Russian

Wanderer's evening song (Wanderers Nachtslied): [duet] {Augener} Cab 18/137-1

Sanderson, Wilfrid Ernest (1878-1935) English

The voyagers: duet; words by Ed. Teschemacher {Boosey} Cab 18/139 : No. 1 in Eb

Sarjeant, James (19th-20th c.) English

Watchman! what of the night?: duet (ten. & bass); Anon. {Boosey} Cab 18/141 b : No. 2 in G

Watchman! what of the night?: duet (ten. & bass); Anon. {Boosey} Cab 18/141 c : No. 1 in F

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

Der Hochzeitsbraten ("Ach liebes Herz, ach Theobald") Op. 104: Terzett (STB); Gedicht von Fr. von Schober {Breitkopf} Cab 18/143

Scott, Alicia (Lady John Douglas) (1810-1900) Scottish

Annie Laurie: arr. for TTBB {Curwen} Cab 18/145 a-d

Shore, William (1791-1877) English

O! Willie brew'd a peck o' maut; words by Burns 16/050-1 [65]

Slaughter, Walter Alfred (1860-1908) English

The twin {from The French Maid}: (Charles & Jack) duet; words by Basil Hood {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 18/147

Smart, Henry Thomas (1813-1879) English

The Lord is my Shepherd: paraphr. of 23rd Psalm [for sop. & contr.]; words by W. S. Passmore {Novello} Cab 18/149-1

Queen of the Night: trio (SSB); words by W. H. Bellamy {Robert Cocks} Cab 18/149-2

When the wind blows in from the sea: duet (mez. & bar.); poetry by Frederick Enoch {Ascherberg} 16/050-4 [40]

Smieton, John More (1857-1904) Scottish

Recitative and duet from King Arthur Cab 18/150

Smith, Alice Mary (1839-1884) English

The keel row: duet; arr. Miss Smith (=Alice Mary Smith?) {Keith, Prowse} Cab 18/151-2

Maying: duet (contr. & bar.); words by Rev. Charles Kingsley {Edwin Ashdown} 16/050-5 [22] : No. 3 in F

Maying ("O that we two were maying"): duet for sop. & ten. (or contr. & bar./bass); words by Rev. Charles Kingsley {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/151(2) a-b : No. 2 in F

Maying: duet; words by Rev. Charles Kingsley {Walsh, Holmes} Cab 18/151-1 : No. 2 in G

Smith, William Seymour (1836-1905) English

The spider and the fly: humorous duet for mez. & bar.; words by G. Hubi Newcombe {Beal, Stuttard} Cab 18/153 a-b

Squire, William Henry (1871-1963) English

Mountain lovers: duet (mez. & bar.); words by Fred. E. Weatherly {Boosey} Cab 18/155(1) : No. 1 in Eb

Stacey, Gilbert (1895-1966) English

Down in the gardens at Kew: voc. duet; words by Gloria Storm {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 18/157 : in G

Stanford, Charles Villiers (Sir) (1852-1924) Irish

Diaphenia {from Six Elizabethan pastorals no. 3}: for chor. (SATB) unaccomp. {Novello} Cab 18/158(3)

The foggy dew: [for chor. (SATB) unaccomp.]; words by A. P. Graves {Boosey} Cab 18/158-2

Sweet love for me {from Six Elizabethan pastorals no. 4}: for chor. (SATB) unaccomp. {Novello} Cab 18/158(4)

Tate, Arthur F (1870-1950) English

Somewhere a voice is calling: voc. duet for mez. & low v.; words by Eileen Newton {Larway} Cab 18/161 : in F

Tate, James William (1875-1922) English

A paradise for two {from The maid of the mountains}; words by Clifford Harris {Francis, Day & Hunter} Cab 18/163 a-b : in F

Thomas, Arthur Goring (1850-1892) English

A summer night (Une nuit de mai); arr. H. M. Higgs {Metzler} Cab 18/166

Thompson, Jack (19th-20th c.) English

Come, sing to me: duet; words by Jack Thompson {Enoch & Sons} Cab 18/167 : No. 5 in F

Toselli, Enrico (1883-1926) Italian

Serenata (Come back): voc. duet (contr. & bass); words by R. H. Elkin; arr. Ernest Reeves {Freemans} Cab 18/169


Hunting Tower: [sop./ten. duet]; Anon. 16/050-1 [37]

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Duets for ladies voices: 24 songs; ed. Alberto Randegger {Boosey} Cab 18/190-1

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901) Italian

Home to our mountains {from Il Trovatore}: 'Gipsy' duet "Si, la stanchezza m'opprime"; words by Charles Jefferys; arr. Charles Glover {Frederick Harris} Cab 18/171-2 : No. 6 in F

The Miserere scene {from Il Trovatore}: voc. duet; words by Charles Jefferys {Frederick Harris} Cab 18/171-1 a-b : No. 2 in Ab

Webber, Andrew Lloyd (1948- English

Pie Jesu {from Requiem} {Novello} Cab 18/172

White, Maude Valérie (1855-1937) English

Du bist die Ruh (Thou art my Rest): duet; words by Rickert Cab 18/039-1

Williams, Christopher à Becket (1890-1956) English

My love is like a red, red rose: 2-part song for sop. & contr.; poem by Robert Burns {Curwen} Cab 18/177

Williams, Joseph Benjamin (1847-1923) English

Larboard watch: duet {Bayley & Ferguson} 16/050-4 [5]

Wilson, Henry Lane (1870-1915) English

Come, all ye lads and lasses {from Flora's Holiday}: quartet; Old English melody, words by H. Lane Wilson {Boosey} Cab 18/179-3(1)

The country dance {from Flora's Holiday}: quartet; Old English melody, words by H. Lane Wilson {Boosey} Cab 18/179-3(3)

Tenor and baritone: humorous (vocal) duet; words by H. Broughton Black {Reeder & Walsh} Cab 18/179-2 a : [No. 1] in G

Tenor and baritone: humorous (vocal) duet; words by H. Broughton Black {Reeder & Walsh} Cab 18/179-2 b : [No. 2] in A

The two beggars: humorous duet for ten. & bar. or bass; words by A. Valdemar {Reeder & Walsh} Cab 18/179-1 a-b : in C

Wood, Charles (1866-1926) Irish

Wassail: 4-part song, SATB; words [from Kynge Johan] by John Bale {Deane} Cab 18/180

Zeller, Carl (1842-1898) Austrian

Roses in Tyrol (Rosen in Tirol) {from The Birdseller}: duet (sop. & ten.) with mixed choir; Eng. lyrics by Harry S. Pepper {Bosworth} Cab 18/181 a-h


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