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Allegri, Gregorio (1582-1652) Italian

Miserere mei, Deus: for nine v. (SSATB); ed. George Guest {Chester} Cab 02/003


Dos 'Te Deum' (Motetes gregorianos) Cab 02/004

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German

A Bach hymn book for the Church's seasons; ed. Charles Sanford Terry {Stainer & Bell} 02/005-5

Die hohe Messe in H-moll; ed. Gustav Rösler {Peters} 02/005-3.2

Magnificat (in D): for SMATB soli, SSATB & orch. [p.red.]; Eng. adapt. J. Troutbeck {Novello} 02/005-2 a-d

Magnificat in D dur: [for SMATB soli, SSATB & orch. - p.red.]; p. sc. arr. S. Jadassohn {Breitkopf} 02/005-2.1

Mass in B minor: [for soli, chor. & orch. - p.red.] {Novello} 02/005-3 a-d

Mass in B minor: for soli, chor. & orch. [p.red.]; ed. Frank Damrosch {Schirmer} 02/005-3.1

Missa brevis (in A); ed. Ebenezer Prout {Novello, Ewer} 02/005-4

Sacred part-songs: for SATB; arr. F. Wüllner {Breitkopf & Härtel} 02/005-1

Bain, James Leith MacBeth (1860-1925) Scottish

Brother James's air (Marosa): unison, w. descant; arr. Gordon Jacob {OUP} Cab 02/008

Barrett-Ayres, Reginald (1920-1981) English

Communion service Ser 3: for congregational use {Novello} Cab 02/010

Bax, Arnold (Sir Arnold Edward Trevor) (1883-1953) English

Gloria (Communion service): for SATB & organ {Chappell} Cab 02/012

Beaumont, Geoffrey (1903-1970) English

A Twentieth century folk mass: for one or more cantors & congregation {Weinberger} 02/013

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827) German

Mass in C Op. 86: for SATB soli, SATB & orch. [p.red.]; p. arr. rev. Berthold Tours {Novello} 02/014-2 a-c

Mass in D (Missa solennis ) Op. 123: for 4 solo v., chor. & orch. [p.red.]; voc. sc. arr. S. Jadassohn {Breitkopf & Härtel} 02/014-3.2

Messe C dur Op. 86: [for SATB soli, SATB & orch. - p.red.] {Peters} 02/014-2.1 a-b

Messe solennelle en Ré majeur Op.123: [for SATB soli & chor.]; [arr. Henry Litolff] {Henry Litolff} 02/014-1 [1]

Missa solennis (in D) Op.123: [for SATB soli & chor.] {Novello} 02/014-3 a-c

Missa solennis (Mass in D major): [for SATB soli & chor.]; with Eng. & Ger. trans. {Peters} 02/014-3.1

Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990) American

Chichester Psalms: for mixed chor., SATB, solo boy's v. or counter-ten. {Chappell} 02/016

Besly, Edward Maurice (1888-1945) English

The shepherds had an angel Op. 20: hymn for sop. solo, chor. (SATB) & cor anglais or viola; poem by Christina Rossetti {Curwen & Sons} Cab 02/018

Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz (1644-1704) Anglo-Czech

Surrexit Christus hodie: Ciaconna für Violine und Generalbass (organ with cello / bassoon / double bass ad lib.); ed. Klaus Hofmann {Hänssler} 02/019

Bottazzo, Aloysius (19th-20th c.) Italian

Missa pro defunctis Op. 119: ad tres voces aequales {Marcello Capra} 02/020

Boughton, Rutland (1878-1960) English

Bethlehem: choral drama; libretto adapted from the Coventry Nativity Play {Curwen} 02/021

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

Ein deutches Requiem Op. 45: für Soli, Chor u. Orch. [p.red.] (Orgel ad lib.) {Peters} 02/022.2

How lovely are Thy dwellings {from the Requiem}; ed. John E. West {Novello} Cab 02/022-2

Requiem Op. 45: for sop. & bar. soli, chor. & orch. [p.red.]; ed. John E. West; Eng. version Ivor Atkins {Novello} 02/022 a-c

Requiem Op. 45: for soli, chor. & orch. [p.red.] (organ ad lib.); new ed. {Rieter-Biedermann} 02/022.1 a

Requiem Op. 45: for soli, chor. & orch. [p.red.] (organ ad lib.); Eng. adapt. E. M. Traquair rev. R. H. Benson {Breitkopf & Härtel} 02/022.1 b-c

Requiem Op. 45 (pocket ed.): for sop. & bar. soli, chor. & orch. [p.red.]; ed. John E. West; Eng. adapt. W. G. Rothery {Novello} 02/022.3

Bridgewater, Thomas (d.1831) English

The Church service: set to music in the key of A {Novello, Ewer} Cab 02/024

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) English

Missa brevis in D Op. 63: for boys' v. & organ {Boosey & Hawkes} 02/025-1

Psalm 150: for v. (SA) & instr. {Boosey & Hawkes} 02/025-2 a-b

Bruckner, Anton (1824-1896) Austrian

Ausgewählte geistliche Chöre; ed. Ludwig Berberich {Peters} 02/026-4

Christus factus est pro nobis obediens: a capella {Peters} Cab 02/026-6(3) a-b

(Grosse) Messe (Nr 3) F moll: [for SATB soli & chor.]; Klavierausg. Kurt Soldan {Peters} 02/026-1 a-c

Messe (E moll): [for 8-v. chor. & wind ens.]; Klavierauszug Kurt Soldan {Peters} 02/026-3

Te Deum: für Soli, Chor u. Orch.; arr. Josef Schalk {Universal} 02/026-2 a-b

Two Marian compositions: for mixed voices {Peters} Cab 02/026-5 a-b

Two motets: for mixed voices and 3 trombones (ad lib.) {Peters} Cab 02/026-8

Virga Jesse floruit: for mixed voices (a capella) {Peters} Cab 02/026-7

Buxtehude, Dietrich (c1637-1707) Danish

The little newborn Jesus child (Das neugeborne Kindelein): for 4-part chor. of mixed voices w. org. or instr. accomp.; ed. & arr. Walter Ehret; Eng. text Melinda Edwards {Lawson-Gould} 02/028

Byrd, William (1543-1623) English

Bow thine ear (Civitas Sancti Tui) {from Cantiones Sacrae}: full anthem for 5 v. (SATTB - unacc) {Curwen & Sons} Cab 02/030-4 a-b

Laudate pueri (SAATBB); ed. Craig Monson {Stainer & Bell} Cab 02/030-7

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis of the Great Service; ed. E.H. Fellowes {OUP} 02/030-3 a-b

Mass for three voices; ed. E.H. Fellowes {Stainer & Bell} Cab 02/030-2

Mass for four voices; ed. E.H. Fellowes {Stainer & Bell} 02/030-1 a-b

Mass for four voices; ed. Henry Washington {Chester} 02/030-1 c

Mass for five voices (SATTB); ed. E.H. Fellowes {Stainer & Bell} 02/030-6 a-b

Sing joyfully unto God: full anthem for 6 v. (SSATTB - unacc) {Novello} Cab 02/030-5

Center, Ronald (1913-1973) Scottish

Three Nativity carols: for 4-part chor. of mixed voices unaccomp.; words by George Wither {Roberton} Cab 02/031

Charpentier, Marc-Antoine (1634-1704) French

Julenatmesse (Messe de minuit) 02/032

Dalby, Martin (1942-2018) Scottish

Laudate Dominum: for ten. sol., 4-pt chor. (SATB) & org. (or orch.) {International} Cab 02/037-1

Laudate Dominum (MS: 1964): for ten. (or sop.) sol., SATB & org. (or orch.); words from Psalm 150 and Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart Spec Coll

Mater salutaris: carol for SATB & org.; Eng. trans. Brian Stone {Novello} Cab 02/037-2

Missa Fi-Fi (MS: 1969): for 16-20 unaccomp. mixed voices & brass instruments Spec Coll

Dale, Benjamin James (1885-1943) English

Before the paling of the stars: Christmas hymn for v. & orch. [p.red.]; words by Christina Rossetti {Novello} Cab 02/034

Davies, Peter Maxwell (1934-2016) English

Five carols: SSA unaccomp. {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 02/035

Des Prez, Josquin (c1450-1521) Franco-Flemish

Missa da pacem: for 4 v. {Kalmus} Cab 02/036

Dvorák, Antonín (1841-1904) Czech

Requiem Mass Op. 89: for SATB soli, SATB chor. & orch. [p.red.] {Novello} 02/038-1 a-c

Stabat Mater Op. 58: for soli, chor. & orch. [p.red.] {Novello} 02/038-2 a-d

Te Deum Op. 103: [for sop. & bass w. mixed chor.]; rev. Franz Terwal; voc. sc. Josef Suk {Simrock} Cab 02/038-3 a

Te Deum Op. 103: for solo v. (sop. & bass), mixed chor. & orch. [p.red.]; rev. Franz Terwal; voc. sc. Josef Suk {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 02/038-3 b-d

Dykes, (Rev) John Bacchus (1823-1876) English

Te Deum laudamus: for SATB & org. {Novello} Cab 02/039

Elvey, George J (1816-1893) English

Christ is risen from the dead: full anthem for Easter {Novello} Cab 02/040

Fauré, Gabriel (1845-1924) French

Requiem: for sop. & bar. soli, SATB & orch. [p.red.]; ed. Desmond Ratcliffe {Novello} 02/042

Requiem: [sop. & bar. w. SATB chor.]; réd. Roger Ducasse {Hamelle} 02/042.1 a-d

Requiem (1893 version): [sop. & bar. w. SATB chor.]; ed. w. Eng. trans. John Rutter {OUP} 02/042.2 a-b

Finzi, Gerald (1901-1956) English

Lo, the full, final sacrifice: festival anthem for chor. & organ (or orch.); words by Richard Crashaw {Boosey & Hawkes} 02/043 a-b

Gabrieli, Giovanni (c1554/1557-1612) Italian

Jubilate Deo (O be joyful in the Lord): sacred symphony for 8-part chor. of mixed voices w. brass choir, organ or piano; ed. G. Wallace Woodworth {Chappell} 02/044

Gardner, John (1917-2011) English

Fight the good fight with all thy might: [for solo v. & SATB chor.]; words by J. S. B. Monsell (1811-1875) {OUP} Cab 02/046(5)

Nearer, my God, to Thee: [for solo v. & SATB chor.]; words by Sarah Adams {OUP} Cab 02/046(3)

Saviour, again to thy dear name we raise: [for solo v. & SATB chor.]; words by J. Ellerton (1826-1893) {OUP} Cab 02/046(2)

Gelineau, Joseph (1920-2008) French

Twenty-four psalms and a canticle: accomp. & 4-part vocal harmonies (words in full) {Grail} 02/048 a

Twenty-four psalms and a canticle (rev. ed.) {Grail} 02/048 b

Gounod, Charles-François (1818-1893) French

Messe solennelle (St Cecilia): [for STB soli, SSTTBarB chor. & orch. [p.red.]]; ed. & arr. Joseph Barnby {Novello} 02/050-1 a

Messe solennelle de Sainte Cécile: for STB soli, SATB & orch. [p.red.] or organ; rev. Michael Pilkington {Novello} 02/050-1 b

Messe solennelle (St Cecilia); arr. Joseph Barnby {Novello} 02/085 [3]

Nazareth ('Though poor be the chamber'): anthem for bar. solo & chor.; words by Henry F. Chorley; arr. John E. West {Novello} Cab 02/050-2 a-b

Hairston, Jester (1901-2000) American

Amen (Sing it over - Gospel chorus): SATB Chor and solo, a capella {Music Sales} Cab 02/051

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Dettingen 'Te Deum': [for SSATB soli, SATB chor. & orch. [p.red.]]; arr. Vincent Novello {Novello, Ewer} 02/052-4 a

Dettingen Te Deum (1743): for S[S]ATB soli, SATB [chor.] & orch. [p.red.]; ed. (& arr.) Walter Emery {Novello} 02/052-4 b

Foundling hospital anthem (Blessed are they that consider the poor): for 2 solo v. (sop./ten. & contr./bar.), chor., strings & 2 oboes; arr. Hubert Langley {Hinrichsen} 02/052-5

How beautiful are the feet {from The Messiah} {Novello} Cab 02/052-3

The King shall rejoice: Coronation anthem; arr. E. Silas {Novello} Cab 02/052-1 a-c

The King shall rejoice: Coronation anthem for King George II, 1727; Psalm 21; ed. Damian Cranmer {Novello} Cab 02/052-1.1

Laudate, pueri, Dominum (D major): Psalm 113 (Vulgate 112) for sop. solo, SSATB, oboes, strs. & cont.; ed. Watkins Shaw {Novello} 02/052-7

My heart is inditing of a good matter (HWV 261): Coronation anthem for King George II, 1727; ed. Donald Burrows {Novello} Cab 02/052-6

O praise the Lord with one consent: sixth Chandos anthem; arr. E. Silas {Novello} 02/052-2

Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809) German-Austrian

Creation Mass in B flat major (Schöpfungsmesse); ed. H C Robbins Landon 02/054-1

First Mass (in B flat); arr. Vincent Novello {Novello, Ewer} 02/054-2

First Service, in B flat major; arr. John Bishop {Robert Cocks} 02/054-2.3

Harmonie-Messe (in B flat major); [arr. Georg Göhler] {Kalmus} 02/054-2.2

Imperial ('Nelson') Mass: 'Missa in angustiis' 1798: for SATB soli, SATB & orch. [p.red.]; arr. Berthold Tours {Novello} 02/054-3 c-d

Lord Nelson mass (Mass in D No. 3) {Belwin-Mills} 02/054-3 e

Mass in time of war ('Paukenmesse' 1796): for SATB soli, SATB chor. & orch. [p.red.] {Novello} 02/054-4 a-b

Messe B-dur (Harmonie-Messe); arr. Georg Göhler {Peters} 02/054-2.1

Messe D-moll (Nelson-Messe); arr. Wilhelm Weismann {Peters} 02/054-3.1

Sixteenth mass; ed. (with p. acc. arr.) Battison Haynes {Novello} 02/054-7

Te Deum: [for mixed chor., orch. & org.]; organ arr. & Eng adapt. by Ivor Atkins {OUP} 02/054-5 a

Te Deum: [for mixed chor.& orch. - p.red.]; ed. Denis McCaldin {OUP} 02/054-5 b

Te Deum: [for mixed chor.& orch. - p.red.]; ed. H. C. Robbins Landon; p. arr. Karl Trötzmüller {Doblinger} 02/054-5 c

Third Mass (the 'Imperial'): [for SATB soli & chor.]; arr. Berthold Tours {Novello} 02/054-3 a-b

Henschel, George (Sir) (1850-1934) Anglo-German

The Lamb: unison song; words by Wm Blake {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 02/056

Hindemith, Paul (1895-1963) German

Apparebit repentina dies: for mixed chor. & brass. instr. (1947) {Schott} 02/058

Messe: für gemischten Chor a cappella {Schott} 02/058-2

Holdstock, Jan (1941-2017) English

Tell out the news!: three equal voices {OUP} Cab 02/059

Holst, Gustav (1874-1934) English

The hymn of Jesus Op. 37: for 2 chor., semi-chor. & full orch.; text from Apocryphal Acts of St John {Stainer & Bell} 02/060-1

I vow to thee, my Country: unison song; words by Cecil Spring Rice {Curwen & Sons} Cab 02/060-2 a-d

Psalm 86 {from two Psalms}: for chor., str. orch. & org. [p.red.] {Augener} 02/060-3(1)

Turn back, O Man; words by Clifford Bax {Stainer & Bell} Cab 02/060-4 a-c

Howells, Herbert (1892-1982) English

Hymnus Paradisi: for sop. & ten. soli, SATB & orch. [p.red.] {Novello} 02/062

Missa Sabrinensis [Severn Mass]: for SCTBar soli, chor. & orch. [p.red.] {Novello} 02/062-2

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1778-1837) Austrian

Mass in Bb Op. 77 {OUP} 02/066

Jacques, Reginald (1894-1969) English

Carols for choirs, 1: fifty Christmas carols; ed. & arr. Reginald Jacques and David Willcocks {OUP} 02/204(1) a-b

Jamouneau, Arthur James [= ] (1865-1927)

Glory to Thee, my God: hymn anthem {Jamouneau} Cab 02/070-1

I was glad: anthem for general use {Jamouneau} Cab 02/070-2

Kodály, Zoltán (1882-1967) Hungarian

Missa brevis: mixed chor. & org. {Boosey & Hawkes} 02/072-1 a-b

Psalmus Hungaricus Op. 13: Hungarian paraphr. of 55th Psalm for ten. solo, chor. & orch. [p.red.]; Eng. trans. Edward J. Dent {Universal} 02/072-2 a-d

Leighton, Kenneth (1929-1988) English

An Easter sequence: for boys' or female voices & organ w. opt. trumpet {OUP} Cab 02/073

Lotti, Antonio (1667-1740) Italian

Misa a tres voces iguales: [unaccomp.] {Boileau} 02/074

Martorell, Artur (1894-1967) Catalan

Missa in honorem Sacratissimi Cordis Jesu: {for 2-v. choir & organ] {Casimiri} 02/078-1 a-b

Trittico eucaristico: {for 2-v. choir & organ] 02/078-2 a-b

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

Come let us sing (95th Psalm) Op. 46: [for solo v. & SATB chor.] {Novello} 02/080-1

Lord, how long wilt Thou forget me? (Psalm 13): [for solo v. & SATB chor.] Cab 02/080-2

Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643) Italian

Magnificat: for soloists (SATB), double choir, organ & orch. [p.red.]; ed. Denis Stevens & John Steele {Novello} 02/084

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

Coronation Mass (Krönungs-Messe) K.317: 4-part chor. of mixed v. w. SATB soli; arr. Otto Taubmann {Schirmer} 02/085-2 b

First Mass (in C); ed. Vincent Novello {Novello} 02/085-1 a-c

Messe C-Dur (Krönungsmesse) KV 317; arr. Otto Taubmann {Breitkopf & Härtel} 02/085-2 a

Missa C-Dur (Krönungsmesse) KV 317; ed. Klaus Burmeister; p. red. Theo Mölich {Peters} 02/085-2 c

Requiem K.626: for soli, chor. & orch. [p.red.] {Kalmus} 02/085-5

Requiem Mass K 626: for SATB soli, SATB & orch. [p.red.]; ed. W. T. Best {Novello} Cab 02/085-3 a-d

Twelfth Mass {from Three favourite Masses - by Mozart, Haydn & Beethoven}; [probably by Wenzel Müller, not Mozart] {Novello} 02/085-4 also at 02/085[1]

Twelfth Mass {from Three favourite Masses - by Mozart, Haydn & Beethoven}; [probably by Wenzel M?ller, not Mozart] {Novello} 02/085[1]

Nicholson, Sydney Hugo (Sir) (1875-1947) English

Beloved, let us love one another: [marriage] anthem {Novello} Cab 02/087

Palestrina, Giovanni Perluigi da (1525-1594) Italian

Missa aeterna Christi munera: adapted for use in the English Church; ed. G. C. Martin {Novello} Cab 02/089 a-b

Parry, Hubert (Sir Charles Hubert Hastings) (1848-1918) English

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind: hymn for SATB; words by J. G. Whttier {Novello} Cab 02/090-3 a-c

I was glad when they said unto me {Novello} Cab 02/090-1 a-e

Te Deum laudamus {Novello} Cab 02/090-2

Pehkonen, Elis (1942- English

Russian requiem: for sop. & contr. soloists, chor. & orch. [p.red.] {OUP} 02/092

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (Giambattista) (1710-1736) Italian

Stabat Mater: for sop. & contr. soli w. SA chorus of women's voices & p.acc.; arr. John Hullah {Novello} 02/093

Poulenc, Francis (1899-1963) French

Gloria: [for sop., mixed chor. & orch. - p.red.] {Salabert} 02/094

Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) Italian

Messa di gloria: for TBarB soli, mixed v. (SATB) & orch. [p.red.] {Belwin-Mills} 02/098 a-b

Ravanello, Oreste (1871-1938) Italian

Missa in honorem Sancti Josephi Calasantii Op. 63: {for 2-v. choir & organ] {Boileau} Cab 02/100

Rossini, Gioachino Antonio (1792-1868) Italian

Messe solennelle: [for] 4 solo v. & chor. {Ricordi} 02/102-2 a-b

Messe solennelle: for 4 solo v. & chor. (w. piano & harm. ad lib.) {Ricordi} 02/102-2 c

Stabat Mater (Tribulation): [for SSTB soli, SATB & orch. - p.red.]; Eng. adapt. William Ball {Novello, Ewer} 02/102 a-d

Stabat Mater: [for SSTB soli, SATB & orch. - p.red.] {Ricordi} 02/102.1 a-b

Rowlands, William Penfro (1860-1937) Welsh

Blaenwern (Love divine, all loves excelling): arr. for SATB; words by Charles Wesley; arr. Oliver Janes {Weinberger} Cab 02/104

Rubbra, Edmund (1901-1986) English

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in A flat Op. 65 {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 02/105

Rutter, John Milford (1945- English

What sweeter music: [Christmas carol]; words by Robert Herrick {OUP} Cab 02/105

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

Mass in G (no. 2): for STB soli, SATB, strings & orch. [p.red.]; arr. Berthold Tours {Novello} 02/106-2

Mass in G [new ed.]: for STB soli, SATB, strings & org., w. opt. wind & timpani; arr. Berthold Tours {Novello} 02/106-2.1 a-b

Messe Es-dur [D 950]: [for SATTB soli, mixed chor. & orch. - p.red.]; arr. Julius Spengel {Breitkopf & Härtel} 02/106-1

Messe Es-dur D 950 [new ed.]: [for SATTB soli, mixed chor. & orch. - p.red.]; arr. Julius Spengel {Breitkopf & Härtel} 02/106-1.1

Schütz, Heinrich (1585-1672) German

The Christmas story; trans. & arr. Neil Butterworth {Chappell} 02/107-3

The St Matthew Passion; ed. & Eng. text H.M. Adams {OUP} 02/107-2

A selection of choruses and recitatives from The four Passions {Novello} Cab 02/107-1

Die sieben Worte Jesu Christi am Kreuz SWV 478; ed. Bruno Grussnick {Bärenreiter} 02/107-4

Shaw, Martin Edward Fallas (1875-1958) English

The Oxford book of carols; ed. Percy Dearmer, R. Vaughan Williams, Martin Shaw {OUP} 02/210 a-b

Songs of praise (enlarged ed.): [collection of hymns, national in character]; words ed. Percy Dearmer; mus. ed. Ralph Vaughan Williams, Martin Shaw {OUP} 02/203-3

With a voice of singing (Isaiah xlvii v.20): short full anthem (for SATB) {Curwen} Cab 02/108.5 a-b

Simper, Caleb (1856-1942) English

Arise from the dead: Easter anthem {Weekes} Cab 02/109-1 a-b

Smart, Henry Thomas (1813-1879) English

Te Deum laudamus {Novello} Cab 02/110

Somervell, Arthur (Sir) (1863-1937) English

Christmas: short choral work for soli, mixed chor. & orch. [p.red.]; 'short choral work for churches and choral societies' {Boosey} 02/112

Stanford, Charles Villiers (Sir) (1852-1924) Irish

O praise God in His Holiness (Psalm 150): set to music in chant form {Novello} Cab 02/114 a-b

Terry, Richard Runciman (Sir) (1865-1938) English

Twelve Christmas carols: for 4 v. or unison {Curwen} 02/124 a-b

Turner, Edmund (d.1697) English

Sun of my soul: anthem for eventide 02/045.5

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

The anthem book of The United Free Church of Scotland {Novello} 02/201 a-b

Anthems for choirs, 1: fifty anthems for mixed voices; ed. Francis Jackson {OUP} 02/214(1)

The Cambridge hymnal; ed. David Holbrook & Elizabeth Poston {Cambridge UP} 02/203-5

Carols of today: seventeen original settings for mixed v. {OUP} Cab 02/205-4

The cathedral psalter chants {Novello} 02/205-6

The Christian choir (Sankey & McGranahan): [79 hymns, etc]; [compil. &] ed. Ira D. Sankey & James McGranahan {Morgan & Scott} 02/206-1

The Christian world album of sacred songs: [90 songs]; ed. W.H. Jude {James Clarke} 02/207-1

Christmas carols; sel. & arr. Karl Schulte {Whitman} 02/208-1

Christmas carols new and old; words ed. Henry Ramsden Bradley; music ed. Sir John Stainer {Novello} 02/208-2

The Church anthem book: one hundred anthems authorised for use in public worship; ed. Sir Walford Davies & Henry G. Ley {OUP} 02/202-1 a-b

The [Presbyterian] Church hymnary (3rd ed.): with music {OUP} 02/203-1

A collection of hymns for the use of the people called Methodists (Wesley hymns): with a new supplement [and] tunes; [coll. &] ed. Rev. John Wesley {Novello, Ewer} 02/206-3

A collection of sacred music calculated for the use of small choirs consisting of masses, hymns, anthems &c. Vol. 1: [8 masses and 57 hymns]; sel. & arr. Rev. G. Gordon {Robert Home} Spec Coll

A collection of sacred music calculated for the use of small choirs consisting of masses, hymns, anthems &c. Vol. 2: [9 masses and 165 hymns/anthems &c, of which 18 are in English]; sel. & arr. Rev. G. Gordon {Robert Home} Spec Coll

Congregational praise: [hymns, psalms, canticles, carols, etc for use by the Congregational Union] {Independent Press} 02/203-2

The Cowley carol book: for Christmas, Easter & Ascensiontide; compil. & arr. George Ratcliffe Woodward & Charles Wood {Mowbray} 02/205-3

Dunblane praises no. 1: [16 hymns] Cab 02/212(1)

The English hymnal: with tunes; mus. ed. R. Vaughan Williams {OUP} 02/203-4

Faith, folk & festivity: collection of songs; ed. Peter Smith {Galliard/Galaxy} 02/211-1

Faith, folk & nativity: new collection of songs; ed. Peter Smith {Galliard/Galaxy} 02/211-2

Fourteen Psalm settings of the early Reformed Church in Scotland; ed. Kenneth Elliott {OUP} 02/205-5

Hymns for church and school: 4th ed. of Public Schools Hymn Book {Novello} 02/206-4

The journey (Festival Service Book 7): meditation with words and music; devised by the Revd Canon J. W. Poole {RSCM} 02/209(7)

Kingsway carol book {Evans Bros.} 02/205-1

The music with the form and order of the service to be performed at the Coronation of Her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Elizabeth II {Novello} 02/215

The Northern psalter and hymn tune book: with Anthem Appendix; ed. William Carnie {Lewis Smith & Son} 02/201-3

The Oxford S.A.B. carol book; arr. Reginald Jacques {OUP} 02/210-2

The Penguin book of Christmas carols; compil. & ed. Elizabeth Poston {Penguin} 02/208-3

Queensway carol book {Evans Bros.} Cab 02/205-2

Sacred songs, ancient and modern: [100 songs]; ed. John Hiles {Boosey} 02/207-2

Sacred songs & solos (Sankey & Moody): rev. & enlarged (1200 pieces) {Morgan & Scott} 02/206-2

Sacred songs and solos (Sankey & Moody): rev. & enlarged (1200 pieces); [compil. &] ed. Ira D. Sankey & Dwight L Moody {Morgan & Scott} 02/206-2 [t]

The Scottish book of male voice praise, Part 1 (1-520: a collection of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs; ed. James McRoberts {Scottish Festivals} 02/201-4(1)

The Scottish psalter (1929) - authorized version (pointed): with chants {OUP} 02/201-2.1

The Scottish psalter (1929) - metrical version: with tunes {OUP} 02/201-2.2

The Scottish psalter (1929) and Church hymnary (1928) {OUP} 02/201-2

The Sunday album of sacred song: classical & popular {Bayley & Ferguson} 02/207-4

Traditional carols Pt 2: Cornish carols; coll. & arr. Ralph Dunstan {Reid Bros.} 02/208-4

The treasury of Easter music and music for Passiontide: [78 pieces]; ed. W. L. Reed {Blandford} 02/207-3

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) English

Fantasia on Christmas carols: for bar. solo, chor. & orch. [p.red.] {Stainer & Bell} Cab 02/128-2 a-b

Mass in G minor: for soli (SATB) & double chor. {Curwen & Sons} 02/128-3

The Old Hundredth Psalm tune (All people that on Earth do dwell): [coronation anthem] for choir, cong, orch. & org.; composed for 1953 Coronation {OUP} 02/128-1 a-b

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901) Italian

Quattro pezzi sacri; red. G. Luporini {Ricordi} 02/130-3

Requiem (Totenmesse): [for four solo v. & chor.]; p. arr. Kurt Soldan {Peters} 02/130-1

Requiem: for four solo v. & chor.; new Eng. trans. Geoffrey Dunn {Ricordi} 02/130-1.1 a-d

Requiem: for four solo v., chor. & orch. [p.red.]; Eng. trans. C. L. Kenney {Ricordi} 02/130-1.2 a-c

Requiem: for four solo v. & chor. {Belwin-Mills} 02/130-1.3

Stabat Mater; Eng. words Rev. W.J. Hocking; arr. G. Luporini {Ricordi} Cab 02/130-2

Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741) Italian

Gloria: for solo v., mixed chor. & orch. [p.red.]; ed. Mason Martens {Walton} 02/131-1 a-b

Gloria: per soli, coro a 4 v. miste ed orch.; ed. Alfredo Casella; p. arr. Maffeo Zanon {Ricordi} 02/131-1.1

Gloria: for solo v., mixed chor. & orch. [p.red.]; elab. Alfredo Casella; Eng. version Joseph Machlis; p. red. Maffeo Zanon {Ricordi} 02/131-1.2

Magnificat: for solo v., mixed chor. & orch. [p.red.]; ed. Gian Francesco Malpieri; p. red. Raffaele Cumar {Ricordi} 02/131-2

Magnificat RV610a-611: for solo v., 2 mixed chor. & 2 orch. [p.red.]; ed. Gian Francesco Malpieri; p. red. Raffaele Cumar {Ricordi} 02/131-2.1

Walters, Leslie (1902-1998) English

Lord, in Thy name I rest me: hymn for unaccomp. double chor.; words by Bonifacius Stoelzlein {Fagus-Music} Cab 02/131.5

Webber, William Southcombe Lloyd (1914-1982) English

The Saviour: meditation upon the death of Christ, for ten. & bass soli, SATB & org.; words by Bryn Rees {Novello} 02/132

Weber, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von (1786-1826) German

Mass in G; arr. W. H. Weiss {Novello} 02/085[2]

Mass in G; arr. W. H. Weiss {Novello} 02/133 also at 02/085[2]

Weelkes, Thomas (c1575-1623) English

Alleluia. I heard a voice: anthem for 5 v. (Rev. 5:12,13); ed. S. Townsend Warner {OUP} Cab 02/134

Wesley, Samuel Sebastian (1810-1876) English

The wilderness: anthem for solo v. & chor. w. org. accomp. {Novello} Cab 02/136

Wickins, Florence (19th-20th c.) English

Church anthems, ancient & modern: for all seasons {Wickins} 02/202-2 a-b

The Oxford easy anthem book, with supplement: [50 anthems, with 9 settings of Canticles, etc] {OUP} 02/202-3

Willcocks, David Valentine (Sir) (1919-2015) English

Carols for choirs, 2: fifty carols for Christmas & Advent; ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter {OUP} 02/204(2) a-b

Carols for choirs, 3: fifty carols; ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter {OUP} 02/204(3)

Carols for choirs, 4: fifty carols for sopranos and altos; ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter {OUP} 02/204(4) a-c

Williamson, Malcolm (1931-2003) Australian

Harvest thanksgiving: for choir & organ {Weinberger} Cab 02/138-1

Procession of palms {Weinberger} Cab 02/138-2 a-b

Twelve new hymn tunes {Weinberger} Cab 02/138-3

Witt, Friedrich (1770-1836) German

Missa in honorem S. Ambrosii Op. 29c: ad duas voces aequales {Pustet} Cab 02/140

Wood, Charles (1866-1926) Irish

O Thou, the Central Orb: anthem {for TrATB]; words by H. R. Bramley {A. & C. Black} Cab 02/142 a-d


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