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Abt, Franz Wilhelm (1819-1885) German

Praktische Gesangschule Op. 474: für Alt oder Mezzo-Sopran {Henry Litolff} 19/001

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German

Happy flock {from Was mir behagt}: sop./mez.?; ed. (with Eng. words) J. Michael Diack {Paterson} Cab 17/025-11

My heart ever faithful {from the cantata God so loved the world}: song for mez. in D; arr. Robert Franz {Novello} Cab 17/024-7 b

My heart ever faithful: 'air for soprano' [ie mez. in D] {Augener} Cab 17/024-7 d

My heart ever faithful (Mein gläubiges Herze frohlocke) {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 17/024-7 e : in D

My heart rejoiceth (Et exultavit spiritus meus) {from Magnificat in D}; ed. (with Eng. words) J. Michael Diack {Paterson} Cab 17/024-8 a-c

Of flowers the fairest {from The Peasant Cantata}; ed. (with Eng. words) J. Michael Diack {Paterson} Cab 17/025-6 a

Oh yes, just so {from Phoebus and Pan}; Eng. words J. Michael Diack; arr. John E. West {Novello} Cab 17/025-2

On my Shepherd I rely {from Cantata No. 92); ed. (with Eng. words) J. Michael Diack {Paterson} Cab 17/025-1 b-c : sop./mez.

Behnke, Emil (1836-1892) Anglo-German

Voice training exercises for mezzo-soprano; by Emil Behnke & Charles W. Pearce {Chappell} 19/011 b

Berlioz, Hector (1803-1869) French

Les nuits d'été: 6 mélodies pour mez.-sop. ou ten.; [on poems by Theophile Gautier] {Augener} 09/019 b : low v.

Bliss, Arthur (Sir) (1891-1975) English

Lie strewn the white flocks: pastoral for chor., mez.-sop. solo etc; poems from Ben Jonson, John Fletcher, Poliziano, Theocritus & Robert Nichols {Novello} 01/018

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

O wüsst' ich doch den Weg zurück (Oh that I might retrace the way) Op. 63 No. 8; text: Klaus Groth {Peters} Cab 17/099-2 : C (mez./bar.)

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) English

A charm of lullabies Op. 41: for mez-sop. & p. {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 09/030-2

Debussy, Claude (1862-1918) French

Récit et air de Lia {from L'Enfant Prodigue}: [for mez. & orch. -] {Durand & Fils} 43/001

Denza, Luigi (1846-1922) Italian

Rien qu'au revoir [Si vous l'aviez compris]: romance pour mezzo-soprano 10/045-8.2 [11]

Fauré, Jean-Baptiste (1830-1914) French

The palms (Les rameaux): sacred song; text: J. Bertrand; Eng. words Clifton Bingham {Schott} Cab 17/188-4 : No. 1 (mez./bar.)

Fontenailles, Hercule-Victor-Marie Gilles ('Henri') de (1858-1922) French

Obstination (A resolve); words by François Coppée {Schirmer} Cab 17/198 : in B

Franck, César (1822-1890) Belgian

Panis angelicus (O wondrous Heavenly bread) {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 17/203 b : [No.] 3 in G (bar./mez.)

Gluck, Christoph Willibald von (1714-1787) German

Che farò senza Euridice? (I have lost my Euridice!) {from Orfeo}: recit. & aria [for mez./contr.] {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 17/222 c

Gounod, Charles-François (1818-1893) French

Ave Maria: for mez., vn or vc solo, p. & org. (ad lib.); Eng. words Henry Chorley; adapted to J. S. Bach's 1st Prelude {Schott's Söhne} 10/045-9 [11] : No. 2: mez. (F)

Ave Maria: for mez., vn or vc solo, p. & org.; Eng. words Henry Chorley; adapted to the 1st Prelude of J. S. Bach {Schott} Cab 17/224-3 d : No. 2 in F

Ave Maria: meditation / sacred song; Eng. words Lionel Mundy; adapted to the 1st Prelude of J. S. Bach {Ricordi} Cab 17/224-3 e : No. 3 in F [mez.]

Cross of Calvary (Ave Maria!); [Eng. words by] Alfred Phillips {Schirmer} Cab 17/224-6 : [No. 2]: Ab (mez./bar.)

Repentir (Parce Domine / O divine Redeemer!): prayer; [Eng, words by Alfred Phillips] {Schirmer} Cab 17/226-3 : Db (mez./bar.)

Hahn, Reynaldo (1875-1947) French

Si mes vers avaient des ailes {Heugel} 10/045-8.2 [4]

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

What's sweeter than a new-blown rose? {from Joseph}: graded song for sop. or mez.; arr. Albert Howe {Paxton} Cab 17/252-13

Haubenstock-Ramati, Roman (1919-1994) Polish

Mobile for Shakespeare [Sonnets 53 and 54]: for voice and six players [sop./mez., piano, celesta, vibraphone & 3 percussionists] {Universal} Cab 17/261

Head, Michael Dewar (1900-1976) English

The world is mad {from The Dark Tower}: [for voice (mez.) and clar. in Bb] Cab 37/038.5

Hopkins, Antony (1921-2014 English

Early one morning: cantata for mez.-sop. solo, male speaker, fem. chor. & orch. []; words by Antony Hopkins {Weinberger} 01/051.5

Huhn, Bruno Siegfried (1871-1950) English

Invictus: song; by William Ernest Henley {Augener} Cab 17/292-1 c : ? (

Koven, Reginald de (1859-1920) American

Rosalie Op. 161 No. 2: chansonette (mez. or bar.); words by Mrs J. R. Masters {John Church} Cab 17/322.5

Lamperti, Francesco (1813-1892) Italian

First lessons in singing (complete): for sop./ mez. or ten. {Ricordi} 19/034

First lessons in singing for the study of the intervals, Book 1: for sop./ mez. or ten.; ed. & rev. Henry Blower {Ricordi} 19/034(1)

Lehmann, Elizabeth Nina Mary Frederika (Liza) (1862-1918) English

Bird songs: [5 songs]; words by A. S. [Stanton] {Boosey} 09/111-2 a-b : No. 1

Two seal songs; words by Rudyard Kipling {Chappell} Cab 17/336-8 : No. 2 mez.

Mascagni, Pietro (1863-1945) Italian

Lola's song {from Cavalleria Rusticana}; Eng. words Fred. E. Weatherly {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 21/227-2 [3]

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

Alleluja {from Exsultate, jubilate}: graded song for sop. or mez.; sel. Albert Howe {Paxton} 05/013-2 a

Allelujah {from Exultate, jubilate}: sop./mez.? {Paxton} Cab 17/419-12

Parry, Hubert (Sir Charles Hubert Hastings) (1848-1918) English

My true love hath my heart: song for mez.; words by Sir Philip Sidney {Novello} Cab 17/442-3 a-b

Rachmaninov, Sergei (1873-1943) Russian

The harvest of sorrow Op. 4 No. 5: mez./ bar.; words by Count Alexis Tolstoi, Eng. version M. C. H. Collet {Chester} Cab 17/464-2

To the children Op. 26 No. 7: song; Eng. words Rosa Newmarch {Hawkes & Son} Cab 17/464-3

Ronald, Landon (Sir) (1873-1938) English

Summertime: song-cycle; words by Ed. Teschemacher {Enoch & Sons} 09/159-2 b : No. 2

Rowley, Alec (1892-1958) English

The seven virgins: Passiontide carol for eq. v. SSC & bar. (or mez.) solo; arr. Alec Rowley {Curwen} Cab 17/482.5

Saint-Saëns, Charles Camille (1835-1921) French

Amour! Viens aider ma faiblesse! {from Samson et Dalila}: [for mez. & orch. -]; words by F. Lemaire {Durand & Fils} 43/007-1

Fair Spring is returning (Printemps qui commence) {from Samson and Delilah}: sop. or mez.; words by F. Lemaire; Eng. Eugene Oudin {Durand} Cab 17/486-1 a-c : in E (mez.)

Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix {from Samson et Dalila}: [for mez. & orch. -]; words by F. Lemaire {Durand} 43/007-2

O love! From thy pow'r (Amour, viens aider) {from Samson and Delilah}: Delilah: recit. & aria (for mez. or sop.) {Durand & Fils} Cab 17/486-3 a : in Ab (mez.)

Softly awakes my heart {from Samson and Delilah} ; [words by] F Lemaire; Eng. Eugene Oudin {Durand & Fils} Cab 17/486-2 a-c : Db (mez.) also at 16/050-3 [9]

Salzedo, Leonard Lopes (1921-2000) English

Eves apologie [Op. 125]: cantata for mezzo, viola & strings; words by Emilia Lanier {Lopés} 01/066.3

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

Whither? (Wohin?) {Schirmer} Cab 17/496-10 : [No. 2] mez./bar.: F

Stevenson, John Andrew (Sir) (1761-1833) Irish

The last rose of Summer; poetry by Thomas Moore {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 17/532 : No. 2 in E

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich (1840-1893) Russian

Adieu forêts (Farewell ye mountains) {from Jeanne d'Arc}: sop. recit. & aria; Eng. version Th. Baker {Schirmer} Cab 17/550-1 a : in D

Thomas, Charles Louis Ambroise (1811-1896) French

Mignon's song {from Mignon}; Eng. version Arthur Matthison; ed. A. Visetti {Heugel} 10/045-9 [2]

Valse de duo {from Mignon}; paroles de M. Carré et J. Barbier {Heugel} 10/045-8.2 [5] : in Eb

Thomas, John Rogers (1830-1896) English

Eileen Alannah; words by E. S. Marble {Hutchings & Romer} Cab 17/552.3 : Ab (mez./bar.)

Tosti, Francesco Paolo (Sir) (1846-1916) Anglo-Italian

Good-bye!: song; words by G.J. Whyte-Melville {Ricordi} Cab 17/552.9 : No. 3 in F (mez./bar.) also at 16/050-3 [25]

Ninon; paroles de Alfred de Musset {Ricordi} 10/045-9 [16] : No. 2 mez./bar.

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Arien-Album [Bd 1: 25 arias]: Sammlung berühmter Arien für Mezzo-Sopran; rev. Alfred Dörffel {Peters} 11/030(1)

Arien-Album [Bd 2, 30 arias]: Sammlung berühmter Arien für Mezzo-Sopran {Peters} 11/030(2)

A book of recitatives: [30 songs for sop., mez. & ten.]; sel. & ed. Frederick Keel & Albert Garcia {ABRSM} 11/036

A book of recitatives, Pt 1 (1-30): [30 rec. for sop., mez. & ten.]; sel. & ed. Frederick Keel & Albert Garcia {ABRSM} 19/085(1)

Cecilia - favorite classical songs, vol. 1; Eng. version Mary A. Robinson; ed. Ferd. Gumbert, Adolf Schimon, Ferd. Sieber, Sophie Seibt {André} 10/045-8.3 [1] : No. 4 in G

Cecilia - favorite classical songs, vol. 2; Eng. version Mary A. Robinson; ed. Ferd. Gumbert, Adolf Schimon, Ferd. Sieber, Sophie Seibt {André} 10/045-8.3 [2] : No. 4 in G

Eight famous mezzo-soprano songs {Chappell} 11/039

The hundred best short songs Bk 1: [24 songs for sop., mez. & ten.] {Paterson} 10/090(1) a-b

The hundred best short songs Bk 2: [24 songs for sop., mez. & ten.] {Paterson} 10/090(2) a-b

Mme Patey's classical song book: twelve songs 12/015-2.5

Mezzo-soprano songs, "vol. 1" (Imperial Edn): [69 songs] {Boosey} 11/041 a-b

Mezzo-soprano songs, [vol. 1] (New Imperial Edn): [30 songs]; compil., ed. & arr. Sydney Northcote {Boosey} 11/041(1)

Mezzo-soprano songs, vol. 2 (Imperial Edn): [37 songs] {Boosey} 11/041(2)

Neue Meisterlieder: [27 songs] {Peters} 10/019.5 : mez./bar.

The old Italian school of singing. A selection of solfeggios ...; ed. Vittorio Ricci {Joseph Williams} 19/087(3) : 3rd ser. mez./bar.

Operatic albums: mezzo-soprano No. 1: [6 arias, by Puccini, Ponchielli, Meyerbeer, Donizetti, Gounod, Verdi] {Ricordi} 11/040-2(1) a-c

Operatic albums: mezzo-soprano No. 2: [6 arias, by Mozart, Gounod, Donizetti, Handel, Verdi, Weber] {Ricordi} 11/040-2(2)

The Scottish mezzo-soprano album: [38 songs]; sel. & ed. Donald Ross; arr. Alfred Moffat {Paterson} 11/039-2

Sixty-two classical recitatives: for sop., mez. & ten.; sel. & ed. Walter Ford {ABRSM} 11/036-2

Sixty-two classical recitatives, Pt 1 (1-33): for sop., mez. & ten.; sel. & ed. Walter Ford {ABRSM} 19/080(1)

Songs from the operas, vol. 1: 50 fav. songs for mez. & contr. 12/015-6

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901) Italian

O don fatale (O fatal gift) {from Don Carlo}: Princess Eboli's aria; Eng. by Henry Hersee {Ricordi} Cab 17/556-4 : No. 2: F (transp.)

Vinci, Leonardo (1690-1730) Italian

Come then, pining, peevish lover {from Lionel and Clarissa}; arr. Alfred Reynolds {Elkin} Cab 17/557

Wagner, Wilhelm  Richard (1813-1883) German

Elsas Traum {from Lohengrin}: [for mez. & ch. orch.] {Breitkopf & Härtel} 43/090


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