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Section 15 - Song Albums - Duets, Part-Songs, Choral

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Bacharach, Burt Freeman (1928-2023) American

Close to you (SATB): p. acc. with optional string bass, guitar & percussion; lyrics by Hal David; arr. Milt Rogers {Music Sales} Cab 15/021.5 a-b

Trains and boats and planes (SATB): p. acc. with optional string bass, guitar & percussion; words by Hal David; arr. Milt Rogers {Music Sales} Cab 15/021.5-2

Barthelson, Joyce (1900-1986) American

Rock-a my soul: Negro spiritual arr. for 3-part chorus of treble voices (SSA) {Lawson-Gould} Cab 15/020.5

Bliss, Arthur (Sir) (1891-1975) English

Cradle song for a newborn child: for small mixed chorus and harp (or piano); words by Eric Crozier {Novello} Cab 15/022

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

Duette für Alt, Bariton u. Klavier Op. 28: [4 songs] {Peters} 15/024-4

Duette für Sopran, Alt u. Klavier Op. 20, 61, 66, 75: [14 songs] {Peters} 15/024-3(1)

Four duets for contralto and baritone Op. 28 {Novello} 15/024-6

Gipsy songs (Zigeunerlieder) Op. 103: for v. & piano {OUP} Cab 15/024-1 a-c

Quartette für vier Solostimmen mit Pianoforte Op. 31, 64, 92, 112: [12 songs]; ed. Kurt Soldan {Peters} 15/024-5

Songs of love (Liebeslieder) Op. 52: waltzes for p. duet (w. v. ad lib.) {Novello} 15/001-2

Buck, Percy Carter (Sir) (1871-1947) English

The flowering manger: three parts (SSC); words by Sylvia Townsend Warner {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 15/025

Byrd, William (1543-1623) English

Though Amayllis dance in green {from Psalms, Sonnets and Songs, 1588}; ed Edmund H Fellowes, rev. Philip Brett {Stainer & Bell} Cab 15/026

Cadman, Charles Wakefield (1881-1946) American

The morning of the year: song cycle for 4 solo v. (SATB) {Schirmer} Cab 15/029

Day, Jennifer (20th c.) English

Songs of praise for the young folks {Paxton} Cab 15/028

Dunhill, Thomas Frederick (1877-1946) English

The ash grove: Welsh folk-song arr. for SATB {Novello} Cab 15/029-1

Dvorák, Antonín (1841-1904) Czech

Vier Duette (Four duets) Op. 38: for sop. & contr.; based on Moravian national poetry {Simrock} Cab 15/030-1

Elgar, Edward (Sir) (1857-1934) English

The snow Op. 26 No. 1: 3-part (SSA) song for fem. v. w. 2 vns & pf.; words by C. Alice Edgar {Forsyth Bros.} Cab 15/032 a-b

Foster, Stephen Collins (1826-1864) American

Medley of songs for baritone solo, men's voices & piano; arr. Leslie Woodgate {Dix} Cab 15/038 a-c

Gibbs, Cecil Armstrong (1889-1960) English

Five eyes: 2-part song for trebles and altos; words by Walter de la Mare {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 15/038.3

Griffiths, Vernon (1894-1985) English

Twelve 3-part songs: for male v. of lim. range; arr. Vernon Griffiths & Joan Ritchie {Novello} Cab 15/014

Hearne, John Michael (1937- Scottish

Omittamus studia!: SSATB unaccomp. {Longship} Cab 15/039

Hosier, John (1928-2000) English

Mango walk (traditional Jamaican song): for voices (2-part), with rhythm group & tuned percussion (or piano) {OUP} 18/075.2

Johnston, Peter F Scottish

Seventeen national and traditional songs: for choirs of ten., bar. & bass. of lim. voc. range {Novello} 15/009.5

Tenor, baritone & bass: twenty-one easy arrangements of national and traditional songs for men's or boys' voices with piano {Bayley & Ferguson} 15/009.6 a-c

Kodály, Zoltán (1882-1967) Hungarian

Hippity, hoppity: SSA unaccomp. {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 15/039.3

Mountain nights (Hegyi éjszakák): songs without words for women's voices (SSA,SSAA - a cappella) {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 15/039.3-2

Lennon, John (1940-1980) English

If I fell (SSA Chor); words & music John Lennon & Paul McCartney {Northern Songs} Cab 15/039.5

Michelle (SATB); words & music John Lennon & Paul McCartney {Northern Songs} Cab 15/039.5-2 a-b

Penny Lane (SATB Chor); words & music John Lennon & Paul McCartney {Northern Songs} Cab 15/039.5-3 a-b

When I'm sixty-four (SATB Chor); words & music John Lennon & Paul McCartney {Northern Songs} Cab 15/039.5-4 a-b

Yesterday (SSA); words & music John Lennon & Paul McCartney {Northern Songs} Cab 15/039.5-5 a-c

Mahler, Gustav (1860-1911) Austrian

Das Lied von der Erde (The song of the Earth): a 'symphony' of 6 songs for tenor and contralto (or baritone) from Hans Bethge's Chinesische Flöte]; Eng. trans. Steuart Wilson; voc. sc. arr. Erwin Stein {Universal} 15/040

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

Thirteen two-part songs: [mainly 2-sop.] {Novello, Ewer} 15/041 a-b

Twenty-four four-part songs (SATB) Op. 41, 48, 50, 59 {Novello, Ewer} 15/041-2 [2]

Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643) Italian

Scherzi musicali: for 3 v., 2 violins and bass {Kalmus} Cab 15/043 a-b

Morley, Thomas (1557-1602) English

Canzonets for two voices: [12 songs] {Stainer & Bell} 15/044 a-b

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

Rounds and canons; ed. W G Whittaker {OUP} 15/045

Nichols, Roger David Edward (1939- English

We've only just begun (SAB): p. acc. with optional string bass, guitar & percussion; words by Paul Williams; arr. Milt Rogers {Music Sales} 15/046

Offenbach, Jacques (1819-1880) German-French

Fairest evening: barcarolle - 2-part chorus for ladies voices (SA); words by E. H. Federlein; arr. W. Rhys-Herbert {Cramer} 15/048

Oxley, Harrison (1933-2009) English

Rise 'n' shine: trad. song arr. for 3-part choir of equal voices, SSA unaccomp. {Roberton} Cab 15/049

Page, Arthur James (1846-1916) English

Six vocal duets for sop. & contr.; words by Herrick et al. {Forsyth Bros.} Cab 15/039

Purcell, Henry (c1659-1695) English

Ten duets Bk 1 nos. 1-6 {Stainer & Bell} 15/051(1)

Ten duets Bk 2 nos. 7-10 {Stainer & Bell} 15/051(2)

Roberton, Hugh Stevenson (Sir) (1874-1952) Scottish

Oh, by an' by: Negro spiritual arr. for choir (or trio) of equal voices, SSC unaccomp. {Roberton} Cab 15/052

Rogers, Milton (1925-1981) American

I'd like to teach the world to sing (SSA): p. acc. with optional string bass, guitar & percussion; by B. Backer, B Davis, R. Cook & R. Greenway (arr. Rogers) {Music Sales} Cab 15/052.5

Rubinstein, Anton (1829-1894) Russian

Duet album: eighteeen two-part songs (Op. 48 and 67) {Boosey} Cab 15/053

Zweistimmige Lieder Op. 48 u. 67: eighteeen two-part songs {Bartholf Senff} 15/047-2

Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) German

Vocal duets {Novello} 15/054

Simon, Paul Frederic (1941- American

Bridge over troubled water (SSA); words & music Paul Simon {Pattern Music} Cab 15/055-2

Scarborough Fair/Canticle (SATB); words & music Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel {Pattern Music} Cab 15/055-3

The sound of silence (SSA); words & music Paul Simon {Pattern Music} Cab 15/055

Somervell, Arthur (Sir) (1863-1937) English

Ten descants written to national songs {Boosey} 15/056

Strauss, Johann II (1825-1899) Austrian

Tales of the Vienna Forest: choral waltz transcr. for mixed chor. & orch. []; words by John Greenaway; arr. Julius Harrison {Boosey & Hawkes} 15/058

Sullivan, Arthur Seymour (Sir) (1842-1900) English

Choruses from The pirates of Penzance, or The slave of duty; librettist: W.S. Gilbert {Chappell} Cab 15/059

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

The best of Vocal Duets Bk 1: [21 songs] {Allan} 15/004(1)

The best of Vocal Duets Bk 2: [15 songs] {Allan} 15/040-2(2)

Coisir a' Mhòid: the Mòd collection of Gaelic part-songs 1896-1912 {Parlane (J. & R.)} Cab 15/020-2

Contemporary hit duets: 13 vocal duets w. p. accomp. {Hal Leonard} 15/003

Duets for ladies' voices: [7 songs] 15/008

Eight Negro spirituals: for SSA unaccomp. {Novello} 15/008.5

Fourteen vocal duets: for sop. & bar. {Bayley & Ferguson} 15/016-1

In two parts: 17 folk, classical & modern two-part songs {Curwen} 15/014.5 a-b

Italienische Kammerduette des 17 und 18 Jahrhunderts: [20 songs]; ed. Ludwig Landshoff {Peters} 15/009

The Penguin part-song book {Penguin} 15/010

The Saltire two-part Scottish song book: 15 songs 15/018

The Scottish duet book: 33 songs; ed. Alfred Moffat & Purcell J. Mansfield {Bayley & Ferguson} 15/017 a-b

Scottish two-parters: 12 traditional Scottish songs; arr. Clifford Fletcher {Elkin} Cab 15/017.5

Selected descant and two-part songs Bk 1 {OUP} 15/011

Selected vocal music [for schools] {Novello} 15/011.51

A selection of part songs and madrigals for male voices {Novello} 15/019 a-b

A selection of part songs and madrigals for mixed voices, A-G {Novello} 15/019(1)

A selection of part songs and madrigals for mixed voices, H-R {Novello} 15/019(2)

A selection of part songs and madrigals for mixed voices, S-Y {Novello} 15/019(3)

Sing high, sing low: two-part song book for sop. & bar. (45 songs); sel. & arr. Frederic Westcott {Schofield & Sims} 15/075

Six standard English songs: for ten. & bar. duet; arr. Ernest Newton {Enoch & Sons} 15/012

Six standard English songs: for sop. & contr. duet; arr. Ernest Newton {Enoch & Sons} 15/012-2

Six vocal duets for soprano and tenor {Ricordi} 15/021

Sixteen vocal duets: for ten. & bar. {Bayley & Ferguson} 15/016-2 a-c

Songs, rounds and duets for schools 15/011.52

The treasury of vocal music, Bk 1 Unison songs pt 1: [20 songs]; ed. W. L. Reed & Eric Smith {Blandford} 10/097(1)

The treasury of vocal music, Bk 2 Unison songs pt 2: [20 songs]; ed. W. L. Reed & Eric Smith {Blandford} 10/097(2)

Twelve popular duets for soprano and contralto voices {Chappell} 15/020-1

Twelve songs: for male v. in 3 parts; arr. Norman Barnes Cab 15/013

Twenty-four vocal duets: for sop. & contr. {Bayley & Ferguson} 15/016(1)

Ventisei canti corali {Signorelli} 15/015

The wayfarer's part song book; sel. & arr. John Horton 15/010-2

Webber, William Southcombe Lloyd (1914-1982) English

The lyre of Orpheus: four songs for fem. v. (SSC); words by May Sarson {Elkin} 15/053

Weber, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von (1786-1826) German

Invitation to the dance: for mixed v.; arr. Julius Harrison {Boosey & Hawkes} 15/073 a-c

Zaninelli, Luigi (1932- ) Italian-American

The water is wide: folk song (SSA) {Shawnee Press} Cab 15/083


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