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Adams, George Archibald Emmett (1889-1938) English

The bells of St Mary's: duet; words by Douglas Furber; arr. Ernest Newton {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 18/003

Anderson, Margaret Tweedie (19th-20th c.) Scottish

The crookit bawbee: old ballad; addl. words by L. Anderson {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/005

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German

A Bach hymn book for the Church's seasons; ed. Charles Sanford Terry {Stainer & Bell} 02/005-5

Balfe, Michael William (1808-1870) Irish

Excelsior: duet; poetry by Longfellow {Paxton} Cab 18/011 a-b

Bennett, Frank Roy (b.1938) English

Three carols for the Nativity: voc. duet; words by F. Roy Bennett {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/019

Coward, Noël (Sir) (1899-1973) English

I'll see you again {from Bitter Sweet}: voc. duet; words by Noël Coward {Chappell} Cab 18/037

Del Riego, Teresa Clotilde (1876-1968) English

Homing: voc. duet; words by Arthur Salmon {Chappell} Cab 18/043

Demuth, Norman (1898-1968) English

Weep you no more, sad fountains: 2-part choral song; Anon. {OUP} Cab 18/045

Glover, Stephen (1813-1870) English

Tell us, O tell us: voc. duet; words by J. E. Carpenter {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/063-3

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

O lovely peace: duet {from Judas Maccabaeus} {Novello} Cab 18/069

Horn, Charles Edward (1786-1849) English

I know a bank: voc. duet; words by Shakespeare {Broome} Cab 18/075-1

Hosier, John (1928-2000) English

Mango walk (traditional Jamaican song): for voices (2-part), with rhythm group & tuned percussion (or piano) {OUP} 18/075.2

Humperdinck, Engelbert (1854-1921) German

Evening prayer {from Hansel & Gretel}: duet {Schott} Cab 18/077-1

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie (1862-1946) American

Just a-wearyin' for you: voc. duet; words by Frank Stanton; arr. Emerson James {Frederick Harris} Cab 18/079-2

Martin, (Frederick John) Easthope (1882-1925) English

Come to the fair {from Three More Songs of the Fair}: duet for 2 med v.; duet for high & med v.; lyric by Helen Taylor Cab 18/016-2 : No. 2 in A

Martorell, Artur (1894-1967) Catalan

Missa in honorem Sacratissimi Cordis Jesu: {for 2-v. choir & organ] {Casimiri} 02/078-1 a-b

Trittico eucaristico: {for 2-v. choir & organ] 02/078-2 a-b

Marzials, Theophile-Jules-Henri (1850-1920) Anglo-Italian

Friendship: duet in canon; words by Sir Philip Sidney {Metzler} Cab 18/097-2 : No. 2 in G

Love: duet in canon; words by Ben Jonson {Metzler} Cab 18/097-3 : No. 1 in F

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

O wert thou in thy cauld blast: duet; by Robert Burns {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/100

Molloy, James Lynam (1837-1909) Irish

The Kerry dance; words by James Molloy {Boosey} Cab 18/105-1

Newton, Ernest (1856-1922) Welsh

The keys of Heaven {from English County Songs}: duet; Anon. {Cramer} Cab 18/109-1 a-c : [No. 1 in] G

Pitfield, Thomas Baron (1903-1999) English

Ballad of a minstrel: two-part; words by Thomas B. Pitfield {Banks} Cab 18/118

Purcell, Edward Cockram (1853-1932) English

Passing by: voc. duet (high v., low v.); words by Herrick {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/123

Purcell, Henry (c1659-1695) English

The Lord is my shepherd Cab 18/125-2

Ten duets Bk 1 nos. 1-6 {Stainer & Bell} 15/051(1)

Ten duets Bk 2 nos. 7-10 {Stainer & Bell} 15/051(2)

Upon a quiet conscience {Novello, Ewer} 10/045-8.2 [12a]

Ravanello, Oreste (1871-1938) Italian

Missa in honorem Sancti Josephi Calasantii Op. 63: {for 2-v. choir & organ] {Boileau} Cab 02/100

Romberg, Sigmund (1887-1951) Hungarian-American

Tell me Daisy {from Blossom Time}; lyrics by Dorothy Donnelly; adapted from the music of Franz Schubert & Heinrich Berté {Leo. Feist} Cab 18/131-2

Rubinstein, Anton (1829-1894) Russian

Wanderer's evening song (Wanderers Nachtslied): [duet] {Augener} Cab 18/137-1

Zweistimmige Lieder Op. 48 u. 67: eighteeen two-part songs {Bartholf Senff} 15/047-2

Sanderson, Wilfrid Ernest (1878-1935) English

The voyagers: duet; words by Ed. Teschemacher {Boosey} Cab 18/139 : No. 1 in Eb

Schönberg, Claude-Michel (1944- French

Les Misérables: [12] songs from the musical [incl. 2 duets]; lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer {Faber} 09/167

Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) German

Vocal duets {Novello} 15/054

Smith, Alice Mary (1839-1884) English

The keel row: duet; arr. Miss Smith (=Alice Mary Smith?) {Keith, Prowse} Cab 18/151-2

Stacey, Gilbert (1895-1966) English

Down in the gardens at Kew: voc. duet; words by Gloria Storm {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 18/157 : in G

Sullivan, Arthur Seymour (Sir) (1842-1900) English

Hey willow waly o! {from Patience}: song or duet; words by W. S. Gilbert {Chappell} Cab 17/544-8

Thomas, Arthur Goring (1850-1892) English

A summer night (Une nuit de mai); arr. H. M. Higgs {Metzler} Cab 18/166

Thompson, Jack (19th-20th c.) English

Come, sing to me: duet; words by Jack Thompson {Enoch & Sons} Cab 18/167 : No. 5 in F

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

The best of Vocal Duets Bk 1: [21 songs] {Allan} 15/004(1)

The best of Vocal Duets Bk 2: [15 songs] {Allan} 15/040-2(2)

Folk-songs of other lands: [35 songs, some with Fre. words] for v. in unison and two parts {Novello} 10/014-2

In two parts: 17 folk, classical & modern two-part songs {Curwen} 15/014.5 a-b

Klingender Tag: geselliges Schul-Chorbuch für zwei und drei gemischte Stimmen; hrsg. Adolf Strube {Merseburger } 10/025.5

The Saltire two-part Scottish song book: 15 songs 15/018

The Scottish duet book: 33 songs; ed. Alfred Moffat & Purcell J. Mansfield {Bayley & Ferguson} 15/017 a-b

Scottish two-parters: 12 traditional Scottish songs; arr. Clifford Fletcher {Elkin} Cab 15/017.5

Selected descant and two-part songs Bk 1 {OUP} 15/011

Superb songs: magnificent collection of [120] popular songs [ballads, duets, quartets etc] with accompaniments for the piano or [Amer.] cabinet organ {Banes} 10/044-3

Ventisei canti corali {Signorelli} 15/015

The Weekly Telegraph song folio: [100] popular songs, duets, etc. {Weekly Telegraph} 10/043-2

Williams, Joseph Benjamin (1847-1923) English

Larboard watch: duet {Bayley & Ferguson} 16/050-4 [5]

Witt, Friedrich (1770-1836) German

Missa in honorem S. Ambrosii Op. 29c: ad duas voces aequales {Pustet} Cab 02/140


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