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Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German

Good fellows be merry {from The Peasant Cantata}; ed. J. Michael Diack {Paterson} Cab 17/025-8

Bantock, Granville (Sir) (1868-1946) English

Lament of Isis (Die Klage der Isis); words by Helen F. Schweitzer {Breitkopf & Härtel} Cab 17/027-2 : [contr./bar.]

Bizet, Georges (1838-1875) French

Golden light (Agnus Dei) {from L`Arlésienne suite 2}: mélodie religieuse pour contr. ou bar., violon solo ou violoncelle, p. ou harpe, harm. ou orgue; Eng. words Mary Chater {Cramer} Cab 17/080-4 b : in D (bar.)

Sirs! your toast (Song of the toréador {from Carmen}; Eng. version Henry Hersee {Cramer/Metzler} Cab 17/080-3 b-c : No. 3 in F

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

O wüsst' ich doch den Weg zurück (Oh that I might retrace the way) Op. 63 No. 8; text: Klaus Groth {Peters} Cab 17/099-2 : C (mez./bar.)

Chesham, Edward Mills (1858-1953) English

The longshoreman: song; words by Philip Dayson {Cramer} Cab 17/119.3 : bar./bass

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel (1875-1912) English

Bon-Bon suite: for bar. solo, chor. & orch. []; words by Thomas Moore {Novello} 01/026-3

Delius, Frederick (1862-1934) English

Im Meeresstreiben (Sea Drift): [for bar. & mixed chor.]; words by Walt Whitman 01/032

Fauré, Jean-Baptiste (1830-1914) French

The palms (Les rameaux): sacred song; text: J. Bertrand; Eng. words Clifton Bingham {Schott} Cab 17/188-4 : No. 1 (mez./bar.)

Foster, Stephen Collins (1826-1864) American

Medley of songs for baritone solo, men's voices & piano; arr. Leslie Woodgate {Dix} Cab 15/038 a-c

Franck, César (1822-1890) Belgian

Panis angelicus (O wondrous Heavenly bread) {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 17/203 b : [No.] 3 in G (bar./mez.)

Gatty, Alfred Scott (1847-1918) English

Six plantation songs, [vol. 1]: [for bar. & SATB chor.] w. choruses; words & music Alfred Scott Gatty {Boosey} 14/035(1)

[Six plantation songs, vol. 2]: [for bar. & SATB chor.] w. choruses; words & music Alfred Scott Gatty {Boosey} 14/035(2)

Six plantation songs with choruses, vol. 3: [for bar. & SATB chor. w. 2 sop.-bar. duets]; words & music Alfred Scott Gatty {Boosey} 14/035(3)

Six plantation songs, vol. 4: [for bar. & SATB chor.] w. choruses; words & music Alfred Scott Gatty {Boosey} 14/035(4)

Gounod, Charles-François (1818-1893) French

Ave Maria: for bar. w. p. acc.; adapted to the 1st Prelude of J. S. Bach {Wood} Cab 17/224-3 c : In Eb

Cross of Calvary (Ave Maria!); [Eng. words by] Alfred Phillips {Schirmer} Cab 17/224-6 : [No. 2]: Ab (mez./bar.)

Nazareth ('Though poor be the chamber'): anthem for bar. solo & chor.; words by Henry F. Chorley; arr. John E. West {Novello} Cab 02/050-2 a-b

Repentir (Parce Domine / O divine Redeemer!): prayer; [Eng, words by Alfred Phillips] {Schirmer} Cab 17/226-3 : Db (mez./bar.)

She alone charmeth my sadness {from Irene (''La reine de Saba'')}: recit. & air; words by Henry Farnie {Metzler} Cab 17/225-9 : No. 1 in E (bar./bass)

Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907) Norwegian

Grieg-Album Bd 1 (1-12): Lieder {Peters} 09/081-2(1) a-b : contr./bar.

Grieg-Album Bd 2 (13-24): Lieder {Peters} 09/081-2(2) a-b : contr./bar.

Grieg-Album Bd 3 (25-36): Lieder {Peters} 09/081-2(3) a-b : contr./bar.

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Come live with me {from Semele}; Christopher Marlowe; arr. J. Michael Diack {Paterson} Cab 17/250-7

Come to me soothing Sleep {from Otho}; arr. Arthur Somervell {Paterson} Cab 17/252-14 a-b

Love's homage (Non lo dirò col labbro) {from Tolomeo}; Eng. words & arr. Henry Geehl {Enoch & Sons} Cab 17/250-9 : No. 1 in F

Sweet one and twenty {from Floridante}; arr. J. Michael Diack {Paterson} Cab 17/252-15

Twelve songs from the Oratorios: baritone or bass; ed. Alberto Randegger {Novello} 14/038

Harty, (Sir Herbert) Hamilton (1879-1941) Irish

The mystic trumpeter: for bar. solo, chor. & orch. [] [}; poem by Walt Whitman {Novello} 01/048 a-b

Henrion, Paul (1819-1901) French

The muleteer of Tarragona (Le muletier de Tarragone); by Paul Henrion; Eng. trans. M. J. Barnett {Oliver Ditson} Cab 17/282 : bar./bass

Huhn, Bruno Siegfried (1871-1950) English

Invictus: song; by William Ernest Henley {Augener} Cab 17/292-1 c : ? (

Ireland, John Nicholson (1879-1962) English

These things shall be: cantata [for ten./bar. & chor.]; poem by J Addington Symonds {Boosey & Hawkes} 01/038 [3] a-c also at 01/053 a-c

Koven, Reginald de (1859-1920) American

Rosalie Op. 161 No. 2: chansonette (mez. or bar.); words by Mrs J. R. Masters {John Church} Cab 17/322.5

Mallinson, James Albert (1870-1946) English

Song album vol. 3 for low v.: [10 songs] {Frederick Harris} 09/119(3) : [contr./bar.]

Mascagni, Pietro (1863-1945) Italian

Alfio's song {from Cavalleria Rusticana}: [for low bar.]; Eng. words Fred E. Weatherly {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 17/387-1 also at 21/227-2[2]

Mortimer, Charles G (1880-1957) English

A smuggler's song: for bar. or bass; words by Rudyard Kipling {Swan} Cab 17/414.7

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

Non più andrai (Never more) {from The Marriage of Figaro}: [bass. aria: Figaro] w. recit. Ehi, Capitano! {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 17/418-9 : bar./bass

Songs from Don Giovanni, Bk 4 - baritone & bass {Novello} 14/055-2

The songs in Le Nozze di Figaro Bk 4 {Novello} 14/005-3 : bar./bass

Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich (1839-1881) Russian

Pesnia Mefistofelia (Chanson de la puce / Song of the flea); words from Goethe's Faust {Chester} Cab 17/416-3 a : bar./bass

Nicholson, Sydney Hugo (Sir) (1875-1947) English

Nineteen fourteen: [cantata] for bar. solo, chor. & orch. []; poems by Rupert Brooke {Curwen} 01/060.9

Parry, Hubert (Sir Charles Hubert Hastings) (1848-1918) English

Love is a bable: song for bar. v.; Anon. {Novello} Cab 17/442-1 a-b

Pinsuti, Ciro (1829-1888) Anglo-Italian

The bugler; words by Fred. E. Weatherly {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 17/450-2 : No. 2 in F

Pitfield, Thomas Baron (1903-1999) English

The rhyming shopman: whimsical cantata for choir, orch. & bar. solo; words & music Thomas B. Pitfield {Joseph Williams} 01/063.7

Rachmaninov, Sergei (1873-1943) Russian

The harvest of sorrow Op. 4 No. 5: mez./ bar.; words by Count Alexis Tolstoi, Eng. version M. C. H. Collet {Chester} Cab 17/464-2

Ronald, Landon (Sir) (1873-1938) English

Summertime: song-cycle; words by Ed. Teschemacher {Enoch & Sons} 09/159-2 b : No. 2

Rossini, Gioachino Antonio (1792-1868) Italian

Deadly slander (La Calunnia) {from The Barber of Seville}: Don Basilio's aria; Eng. text Brenda Cleather {Ricordi} Cab 17/482-2

Rowley, Alec (1892-1958) English

The seven virgins: Passiontide carol for eq. v. SSC & bar. (or mez.) solo; arr. Alec Rowley {Curwen} Cab 17/482.5

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

Six songs for baritone or bass {Cramer} 14/006

Whither? (Wohin?) {Schirmer} Cab 17/496-10 : [No. 2] mez./bar.: F

Stanford, Charles Villiers (Sir) (1852-1924) Irish

Songs of the Fleet Op. 117: [for bar. & chor.]; poems by Henry Newbolt {Stainer & Bell} 01/070-4 a-c also at 01/038[6] a-c

Steptoe, Roger (1953- English

Four Shakespeare sonnets (2013): for baritone and string orchestra or baritone and piano Spec Coll

Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767) German

Der Schulmeister: komische Kantate [for bar. solo, 2-part boys' choir (TrA), 2 violins, bass (or 'cello) and harpsic./piano]; Eng. trans. Charles J. Warner; arr. Fritz Stein {Bärenreiter} 43/075

Thomas, John Rogers (1830-1896) English

Eileen Alannah; words by E. S. Marble {Hutchings & Romer} Cab 17/552.3 : Ab (mez./bar.)

Tosti, Francesco Paolo (Sir) (1846-1916) Anglo-Italian

Good-bye!: song; words by G.J. Whyte-Melville {Ricordi} Cab 17/552.9 : No. 3 in F (mez./bar.) also at 16/050-3 [25]

Ninon; paroles de Alfred de Musset {Ricordi} 10/045-9 [16] : No. 2 mez./bar.

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Baritone songs, vol. 1 (Imperial Edn): [47 songs] {Boosey} 14/008-1(1) a-d

Baritone songs (New Imperial Edn): [30 songs]; compil., ed. & arr. Sydney Northcote {Boosey & Hawkes} 14/008-2 a-b

Baritone songs. [1st serIes]: [56 songs] {Bayley & Ferguson} 14/008-4(1)

Baritone songs. 2nd serIes: [30 songs] {Bayley & Ferguson} 14/008-4(2)

A book of recitatives, Pt 2 (contr., bar. & bass): [30 rec.]; sel. & ed. Frederick Keel & Albert Garcia {ABRSM} 19/085(2)

Celebrated baritone songs; sel. Kennerly Rumford {Newnes} 14/014-2

Five celebrated songs for baritone voice {Joseph Williams} 14/014

The hundred best short songs Bk 3: [24 songs] {Paterson} 10/090(3) a-b : alto/bar./bass

The hundred best short songs Bk 4: [28 songs] {Paterson} 10/090(4) a-b : alto/bar./bass

National album, no. 1: Baritone songs: [6 compositions] {Williams} 14/008-3

Neue Meisterlieder: [27 songs] {Peters} 10/019.5 : mez./bar.

New Scottish Orpheus baritone album: [65 songs]; arr. J. Michael Diack {Paterson} 14/020-1 a-b

The old Italian school of singing. A selection of solfeggios ...; ed. Vittorio Ricci {Joseph Williams} 19/087(3) : 3rd ser. mez./bar.

Operatic album: baritone: [6 arias, by Verdi, Wagner, Mozart, Ponchielli, Rossini]; Eng. versions by Claude Aveling et al. {Ricordi} 14/011-2

Popular Scots songs, 1st Series: [68 songs] for alto, bar. & bass v. {Bayley & Ferguson} 10/024(1)

Popular Scots songs, 2nd Series: [68 songs] for alto, bar. & bass v. {Bayley & Ferguson} 10/024(2)

The Scottish baritone album; sel. & ed. Donald Ross; arr. Alfred Moffat {Paterson} 14/013-3

The Scottish song book for baritone: [59 songs] {Bayley & Ferguson} 14/013-1 a-b

Second book of songs for bass and baritone: [6 songs] 14/015(2)

Second Peter Dawson album: 8 famous bar. songs 14/016-1(2)

Song book (Trinity College of Music), Part 1 Sect. 2 for men's voices: [9 songs: 3 ten., 3 bar., 3 bass] {Winthrop Rogers} 19/090(1.2)

Songs for bass and baritone: [6 songs] 14/015(1)

Standard bass-baritone songs Bk 1: [4 songs] {Larway} 14/015-2(1)

Tito Gobbi album: [8] bar. songs & arias 14/016-2

Twelve descriptive songs for baritone or bass {Joseph Williams} 14/014-3

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) English

Fantasia on Christmas carols: for bar. solo, chor. & orch. [] {Stainer & Bell} Cab 02/128-2 a-b

Five mystical songs: for bar. solo, chor. & orch. [] 14/007

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901) Italian

Il balen del suo sorriso {from Il Trovatore}: Conte's recit. & aria {Ricordi} Cab 17/556-1

O tu, Palermo {from I Vespri Siciliani}: Procida's aria w. recit. O patria; ed. Edgardo Lèvi {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 17/556-8 : bar./bass

Wagner, Wilhelm  Richard (1813-1883) German

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg: sel. words & music; Eng. versions Percy Pinkerton {Newnes} 16/099

Wallace, William (1860-1940) Scottish

The outlaw: ballad Cab 01/084

Walton, William (Sir) (1902-1983) English

Belshazzar's feast: for mixed choir, bar. solo & orch. [] {OUP} 08/061 a-b

Belshazzar's feast: for mixed choir, bar. solo & orch. [] {OUP} 08/061 c

Woodgate, Leslie (1902-1961) English

A hymn to the Virgin Op. 1 No.1: cantata; Anon. Cab 01/086 [1]


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