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Bemberg, Hermann Emmanuel (1859-1931) French

Rosette: idylle; poésie de Georges Boyer {Alphonse Leduc} Cab 17/056-3 : No. 2 in ?

Cavalli, (Pier) Francesco (1602-1676) Italian

Prison Scene {from L'Ormindo}: for sop.& ten. {Faber} Cab 18/033

Friml, Rudolf (1879-1972) Czech-American

Indian love call {from Rose Marie}: voc. duet [sop. & ten. or mez. & bar.]; words by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein {Chappell} Cab 18/059 : No. 2 high v.

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Ombra mai fù (O royal tree): recit. & aria (sop./mez. & ten./bar.) Cab 17/252-6

Howells, Herbert (1892-1982) English

Hymnus Paradisi: for sop. & ten. soli, SATB & orch. [] {Novello} 02/062

Humperdinck, Engelbert (1854-1921) German

Brother, come and dance {from Hansel & Gretel}: dance-duet {Schott} Cab 18/077-2 a-b

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie (1862-1946) American

A perfect day: voc. duet [sop. & ten] Cab 18/079 a

Lucantoni, Giovanni (1825-1902) Italian

A night in Venice (Una notte in Venezia): [duet for sop. & ten] ; Ital. words M. Marcello; Eng. trans. Theo Marzials {Ricordi} Cab 15/021 [2]

Molloy, James Lynam (1837-1909) Irish

Love's old sweet song: voc. duet [sop. & ten]; words by Clifton Bingham {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 18/105--2(2)

Morley, Thomas (1557-1602) English

Canzonets for two voices: [12 songs] {Stainer & Bell} 15/044 a-b

Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) Italian

The love duet (Vogliatemi bene) {from Madam Butterfly}: sop. & ten. (orig. key) {Ricordi} Cab 18/121-1

Rossini, Gioachino Antonio (1792-1868) Italian

See where the moonbeams wander (Mira la bianca luna): [duet for sop. & ten] ; Eng. version Theo Marzials {Ricordi} Cab 15/021 [5]

Rota, Nino (1911-1979) Italian

Take the sun: duet for sop. & ten.; words by Emery Bonett {Keith, Prowse} Cab 18/135

Smieton, John More (1857-1904) Scottish

Hark! The sound {recitative from King Arthur} Cab 18/150 [1]

Love of my youthful days {duet from King Arthur} Cab 18/150 [2]

Recitative and duet from King Arthur Cab 18/150

Smith, Alice Mary (1839-1884) English

Maying ("O that we two were maying"): duet for sop. & ten. (or contr. & bar./bass); words by Rev. Charles Kingsley {Edwin Ashdown} Cab 18/151(2) a-b : No. 2 in F

Maying: duet; words by Rev. Charles Kingsley {Walsh, Holmes} Cab 18/151-1 : No. 2 in G

O that we two were maying: [duet for sop. & ten] ; words by Rev. Charles Kingsley {Ricordi} Cab 15/021 [1]

Thiman, Eric Harding (1900-1975) English

The Nativity: short Christmas cantata [for sop. & ten. soli & chor.] 01/074


Hunting Tower: [sop./ten. duet]; Anon. 16/050-1 [37]

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

An Eden fair (L'Eden): [duet for sop. & ten] {Ricordi} Cab 15/021 [3]

Say that you love me (Dimmi che m'ami): [duet for sop. & ten] ; Eng. version Theo Marzials {Ricordi} Cab 15/021 [6]

Six vocal duets for soprano and tenor {Ricordi} 15/021

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) English

A Cotswold romance: cantata [for sop. & ten. soli & mixed chor.]; adapt. from the opera Hugh the Drover by Harold Child 01/076-2 a-b

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901) Italian

Home to our mountains {from Il Trovatore}: 'Gipsy' duet "Si, la stanchezza m'opprime"; words by Charles Jefferys; arr. Charles Glover {Frederick Harris} Cab 18/171-2 : No. 6 in F

The Miserere scene {from Il Trovatore}: [duet for sop. & ten] ; Eng. words by Charles Jefferys {Ricordi} Cab 15/021 [4]

The Miserere scene {from Il Trovatore}: voc. duet; words by Charles Jefferys {Frederick Harris} Cab 18/171-1 a-b : No. 2 in Ab

Zeller, Carl (1842-1898) Austrian

Roses in Tyrol (Rosen in Tirol) {from The Birdseller}: duet (sop. & ten.) with mixed choir; Eng. lyrics by Harry S. Pepper {Bosworth} Cab 18/181 a-h


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