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Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

Rhapsody Op. 53: for contr. solo, chor. (TTBB) & orch. []; words by Goethe {Novello} 01/021-4 a-b

Ketèlbey, Albert William (1875-1959) English

In a monastery garden: arr. as a male-voice quartet by the composer; words & music Albert W. Ketèlbey {Larway} Cab 18/079.5

Koven, Reginald de (1859-1920) American

The owl and the pussy cat Op. 49: choral version (TTBB); [words by Edward Lear] {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 18/081

O'Hogan, Betsy [=Lawrence Wright] (1888-1964) English

Old Father Thames (keeps rolling along): for male v. (TTBB); words by Raymond Wallace; arr. Henry Geehl {Lawrence Wright} Cab 18/113 a-e

Parry, Hubert (Sir Charles Hubert Hastings) (1848-1918) English

The music to the Agamemnon of Aeschylus; Eng. version H. J. Edwards {Novello} 01/063-5

Romberg, Sigmund (1887-1951) Hungarian-American

The riff song {from The Desert Song}: quartet for TTBB; words by Otto Harbach & Oscar Hammerstein II {Chappell} Cab 18/131-1 a-c

Scott, Alicia (Lady John Douglas) (1810-1900) Scottish

Annie Laurie: arr. for TTBB {Curwen} Cab 18/145 a-d


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