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Dos 'Te Deum' (Motetes gregorianos) Cab 02/004

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German

Come, Redeemer of our race (Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland No. 61): cantata for STB soli, chor. & orch. []; ed. Ivor Atkins {Novello} 01/003-2 a-b

My spirit was in heaviness: sacred cantata [for STB soli & chor.]; Eng. words John Troutbeck {Novello} 01/003-7 a-d

Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich [BWV 150]: [cantata for sop. & chor.] {British & Continental} 01/004-1

The Peasant cantata: [for SATB soli & chor.]; Eng. version Michael Diack; arr. Harry Edgar Baker {Paterson} 01/004-3 a-f

Sleepers, wake! (Wachet auf … ): cantata for STB soli, chor. & orch. []; arr. Ebeneezer Prout {Novello} 01/004-5 a-f

Bantock, Granville (Sir) (1868-1946) English

Omar Khayyam: cantata [for 3 v. & chor.]; from The Ruba'iyat acc. to Edward FitzGerald, in 3 parts {Breitkopf & Härtel} 01/011-1

The Song of Songs: cantata [for 6 v. & chor.] {Swan} 01/011-2

Barrett-Ayres, Reginald (1920-1981) English

Communion service Ser 3: for congregational use {Novello} Cab 02/010

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827) German

Choral symphony [Last movement] 08/009-1 a-b

Symphony No. 9 [Last movement] 08/009-1.1

Bliss, Arthur (Sir) (1891-1975) English

Lie strewn the white flocks: pastoral for chor., mez.-sop. solo etc; poems from Ben Jonson, John Fletcher, Poliziano, Theocritus & Robert Nichols {Novello} 01/018

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

Noenia (Nänie) Op. 82: for chor. & orch. []; poem by Schiller {Novello} 01/021-3

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) English

Hymn to St Cecilia Op. 27: unaccomp. chor.; words by W.H. Auden {Boosey & Hawkes} 01/023-3 a-b

Cowie, J W (19th-20th c.) English

Via Crucis (the Way of the Cross): sacred cantata [for SATB soli & chor.] 01/028

Dyson, George (Sir) (1883-1964) English

The Canterbury pilgrims: for chor., orch. & 3 soloists (sop., ten., bar.); portraits from Prologue to Canterbury Tales {OUP} 01/035-1 a-c

In honour of the City [of London]; from a poem by William Dunbar 01/035-2 a-b

Elgar, Edward (Sir) (1857-1934) English

Caractatus Op. 35: cantata [for STBarB soli & chor.]; words by H.A. Acworth 01/037-6

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me {from The Apostles}: prologue {Novello} 01/038 [4] a-c

Finlay, Kenneth George (1882-1974) Scottish

The Saviour's birth: Church cantata for Christmas [for SATB soli & chor.]; words by Marjorie N. Finlay {Bayley & Ferguson} 01/039

Gade, Niels W (1817-1890) Danish

The Crusaders Op. 50: cantata [for SATB soli & chor.] 01/040-1

Psyche Op. 60: dram. poem for soli, chor. & orch. []; Eng. version Rev. J. Troutbeck {Novello, Ewer} 01/040-2 a-b

Gardiner, Henry Balfour (1877-1950) English

News from Whydah: ballad; words by John Masefield 01/042

Harty, (Sir Herbert) Hamilton (1879-1941) Irish

The mystic trumpeter: for bar. solo, chor. & orch. [] [}; poem by Walt Whitman {Novello} 01/048 a-b

Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809) German-Austrian

Die Schöpfung (The Creation) [min. sc.] {Eulenburg} 04/014-9

Hiller, Ferdinand (1811-1885) German

A song of victory Op. 151: for sop. solo, chor. & orch. [] {Novello} 01/049.5

Holst, Gustav (1874-1934) English

Ode to Death Op. 38: cantata; poem by Walt Whitman Cab 01/051-4

Ireland, John Nicholson (1879-1962) English

These things shall be: cantata [for ten./bar. & chor.]; poem by J Addington Symonds {Boosey & Hawkes} 01/038 [3] a-c also at 01/053 a-c

Jacques, Reginald (1894-1969) English

Carols for choirs, 1: fifty Christmas carols; ed. & arr. Reginald Jacques and David Willcocks {OUP} 02/204(1) a-b

Lewis, F W

The Princess of Lochlann: legend for mixed choir, bar. & sop. soli; words by Harold Boulton {Bosworth} 01/054.8

Logan, Felicity (fl.1928) English

Flowr delice: carol; words from the Balliol M.S. of Richard Hill {Stainer & Bell} Cab 01/055.8

Maunder, John Henry (1858-1920) English

Bethlehem: sacred cantata [for SATB soli & chor.] 01/056-1 a-b

Songs of thanksgiving: cantata for havest & gen. festival use [for STB soli & chor.] 01/056-3

Orff, Carl (1895-1982) German

Carmina burana: cantiones profanae [for STBar soli & chor.] {Schott} 01/061

Carmina burana: cantiones profanae [for STBar soli & chor.] {Schott} 01/061-1.1

Pitfield, Thomas Baron (1903-1999) English

The rhyming shopman: whimsical cantata for choir, orch. & bar. solo; words & music Thomas B. Pitfield {Joseph Williams} 01/063.7

Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) German

Song for the new year Op. 144: for [SMATB soli], chor. & orch. [] {Novello} 01/067-2

Shaw, Martin Edward Fallas (1875-1958) English

The Oxford book of carols; ed. Percy Dearmer, R. Vaughan Williams, Martin Shaw {OUP} 02/210 a-b

Songs of praise (enlarged ed.): [collection of hymns, national in character]; words ed. Percy Dearmer; mus. ed. Ralph Vaughan Williams, Martin Shaw {OUP} 02/203-3

Stanford, Charles Villiers (Sir) (1852-1924) Irish

Phaudrig Crohoore Op. 62: Irish ballad; poem by J. Sheridan Le Fanu {Boosey & Hawkes} 01/070-2 a-c

The Revenge Op. 24: ballad of the Fleet; by Alfred, Lord Tennyson {Novello} 01/070-3 a-c

Songs of the Fleet Op. 117: [for bar. & chor.]; poems by Henry Newbolt {Stainer & Bell} 01/070-4 a-c also at 01/038[6] a-c

Stephen, David (1869-1946) Scottish

The Laird o' Cockpen Op. 23: ballad for chor. & orch. []; words by Lady Nairne {Novello} 01/071

Stravinsky, Igor (1882-1971) Russian-American

Symphony of psalms: for chor. & orch. [] [p. red.] {Boosey & Hawkes} 01/072

Sullivan, Arthur Seymour (Sir) (1842-1900) English

O gladsome light {from The Golden Legend} {Novello} 01/038 [5] a-c

Thiman, Eric Harding (1900-1975) English

The Nativity: short Christmas cantata [for sop. & ten. soli & chor.] 01/074

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Anthems for choirs, 1: fifty anthems for mixed voices; ed. Francis Jackson {OUP} 02/214(1)

The Cambridge hymnal; ed. David Holbrook & Elizabeth Poston {Cambridge UP} 02/203-5

The Christian choir (Sankey & McGranahan): [79 hymns, etc]; [compil. &] ed. Ira D. Sankey & James McGranahan {Morgan & Scott} 02/206-1

The Christian world album of sacred songs: [90 songs]; ed. W.H. Jude {James Clarke} 02/207-1

Christmas carols; sel. & arr. Karl Schulte {Whitman} 02/208-1

Christmas carols new and old; words ed. Henry Ramsden Bradley; music ed. Sir John Stainer {Novello} 02/208-2

The Church anthem book: one hundred anthems authorised for use in public worship; ed. Sir Walford Davies & Henry G. Ley {OUP} 02/202-1 a-b

The [Presbyterian] Church hymnary (3rd ed.): with music {OUP} 02/203-1

A collection of sacred music calculated for the use of small choirs consisting of masses, hymns, anthems &c. Vol. 2: [9 masses and 165 hymns/anthems &c, of which 18 are in English]; sel. & arr. Rev. G. Gordon {Robert Home} Spec Coll

A collection of sacred music calculated for the use of small choirs consisting of masses, hymns, anthems &c. Vol. 1: [8 masses and 57 hymns]; sel. & arr. Rev. G. Gordon {Robert Home} Spec Coll

Congregational praise: [hymns, psalms, canticles, carols, etc for use by the Congregational Union] {Independent Press} 02/203-2

The Cowley carol book: for Christmas, Easter & Ascensiontide; compil. & arr. George Ratcliffe Woodward & Charles Wood {Mowbray} 02/205-3

The English hymnal: with tunes; mus. ed. R. Vaughan Williams {OUP} 02/203-4

Festival of Britain 1951: music for choral concert {Novello} 01/038 a-c

Kingsway carol book {Evans Bros.} 02/205-1

A nicht wi' Burns: a popular reading with musical illustrations; [comp. & ed.] H. C. Shelley {Bayley & Ferguson} Cab 44/050-3

The Northern psalter and hymn tune book: with Anthem Appendix; ed. William Carnie {Lewis Smith & Son} 02/201-3

Queensway carol book {Evans Bros.} Cab 02/205-2

Sacred songs, ancient and modern: [100 songs]; ed. John Hiles {Boosey} 02/207-2

Sacred songs & solos (Sankey & Moody): rev. & enlarged (1200 pieces) {Morgan & Scott} 02/206-2

Sacred songs and solos (Sankey & Moody): rev. & enlarged (1200 pieces); [compil. &] ed. Ira D. Sankey & Dwight L Moody {Morgan & Scott} 02/206-2 [t]

Sacred songs and solos (Sankey & Moody): rev. & enlarged (1200 pieces); [compil. &] ed. Ira D. Sankey & Dwight L Moody {Morgan & Scott} 44/050-2

The Scottish psalter (1929) - authorized version (pointed): with chants {OUP} 02/201-2.1

The Scottish psalter (1929) - metrical version: with tunes {OUP} 02/201-2.2

The Scottish psalter (1929) and Church hymnary (1928) {OUP} 02/201-2

The shanty book, part 1: [30] sailor shanties; coll., ed. [& arr.?] Richard Runciman Terry {Curwen} 10/063(1)

The treasury of Easter music and music for Passiontide: [78 pieces]; ed. W. L. Reed {Blandford} 02/207-3

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) English

Benedicite: cantata [for sop. & chor.]; words from 'The Song of the Three Holy Children' & a poem by J. Austin (1613-1669) {OUP} 01/076-1 a-h also at 01/038[2] a-c

Dona nobis pacem: cantata for sop. & bar. soli, chor. & orch. [][} {OUP} 01/076-3 a-e

Hodie (This day): Christmas cantata for STBar. soli, chor. & orch. [] {OUP} 01/076-5.5 a-b

This day (Hodie) - Chorus parts: Christmas cantata for STBar. soli, chor. & orch. {OUP} 01/076-5.5 [Ch] a-b

Weber, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von (1786-1826) German

The Jubilee cantata (Harvest cantata) Op. 58: [for SATB soli & chor.] 01/085

Wickins, Florence (19th-20th c.) English

Church anthems, ancient & modern: for all seasons {Wickins} 02/202-2 a-b

The Oxford easy anthem book, with supplement: [50 anthems, with 9 settings of Canticles, etc] {OUP} 02/202-3

Willcocks, David Valentine (Sir) (1919-2015) English

Carols for choirs, 2: fifty carols for Christmas & Advent; ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter {OUP} 02/204(2) a-b

Carols for choirs, 3: fifty carols; ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter {OUP} 02/204(3)

Williamson, Malcolm (1931-2003) Australian

Twelve new hymn tunes {Weinberger} Cab 02/138-3


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