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Bantock, Granville (Sir) (1868-1946) English

Omar Khayyam: cantata [for 3 v. & chor.]; from The Ruba'iyat acc. to Edward FitzGerald, in 3 parts {Breitkopf & Härtel} 01/011-1

Bottazzo, Aloysius (19th-20th c.) Italian

Missa pro defunctis Op. 119: ad tres voces aequales {Marcello Capra} 02/020

Holdstock, Jan (1941-2017) English

Tell out the news!: three equal voices {OUP} Cab 02/059

Hook, James (1746-1827) English

A little farm well tilled: humorous trio; composed by James Hook {Paxton} Cab 18/074-1

Lotti, Antonio (1667-1740) Italian

Misa a tres voces iguales: [unaccomp.] {Boileau} 02/074

Marchesi, Salvatore (1822-1908) Italian

Sixteen song studies (vocalises) Op. 31: eight for one v., eight for two & three v. {Enoch & Sons} 19/037

Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643) Italian

Scherzi musicali: for 3 v., 2 violins and bass {Kalmus} Cab 15/043 a-b

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Klingender Tag: geselliges Schul-Chorbuch für zwei und drei gemischte Stimmen; hrsg. Adolf Strube {Merseburger } 10/025.5


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