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Abt, Franz Wilhelm (1819-1885) German

Cinderella (Aschenbrödel) Op. 545: for sop. & alto soli & chor. of fem v.; words by Hermann Francke; Eng. by Lewis Novra {Augener} 01/001

Atkinson, Geoffrey (1944- Scottish

Aignish (fantasy on a Hebridean folk song): for SATB chor. w. opt. sop. & alto soli, vn, vc & hpd (or pf); arr. & transl. fr. Gaelic by Geoffrey Atkinson {Bardic Edition} Cab 18/008

Boyce, William (1711-1779) English

Tell me, lovely shepherd {from Solomon}: air; arr. Elizabeth Poston {OUP} Cab 18/025.3 : high key (SA)

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) English

Psalm 150: for v. (SA) & instr. {Boosey & Hawkes} 02/025-2 a-b

de Lloyd, David John (1883-1948) Welsh

Cadwyn o geinciau gwerin (A chain of folk songs): arr. for equal [ie female] voices; Eng. version by Jack Edwards {Prifysgol Cymru} 18/042

Huss, Henry Holden (1862-1953) American

Ave Maria Op. 4: for chor. of fem. v. w. [sop. & alto] solos & orch. [] {Novello} 01/052

Offenbach, Jacques (1819-1880) German-French

Fairest evening: barcarolle - 2-part chorus for ladies voices (SA); words by E. H. Federlein; arr. W. Rhys-Herbert {Cramer} 15/048

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (Giambattista) (1710-1736) Italian

Stabat Mater: for sop. & contr. soli w. SA chorus of women's voices & p.acc.; arr. John Hullah {Novello} 02/093

Purcell, Henry (c1659-1695) English

Sound the trumpet {from 'Come, ye Sons of Art'}: for SA chorus of women's voices w. p.acc. {Lawson-Gould} Cab 18/125-4

Smart, Henry Thomas (1813-1879) English

Te Deum laudamus {Novello} Cab 02/110

Willcocks, David Valentine (Sir) (1919-2015) English

Carols for choirs, 4: fifty carols for sopranos and altos; ed. & arr. David Willcocks and John Rutter {OUP} 02/204(4) a-c


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