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Aletter, Wilhelm (1867-1934) German-American

Rendez-vous: intermezzo rococo; words by Adrian Ross {Bosworth} Cab 17/007 : high v.

Anderson, William Henry (1882-1955) Canadian

To a girl on her birthday: song; words by Blanche Pownall Garrett {Roberton} Cab 17/010 : high v.

Arundale, Claude (1875-1922) English

Old furniture: [song cycle]; words by Ethel Bernard Kelly {Cramer} 10/045-8.4 [4] : high v.

Ashford, Emma Louise (1850-1930) American

My task: song; words by Maude Louise Ray {Frederick Harris} Cab 17/018-1 b : high v. (F)

My task [w. additional verse]: song; words by Maude Louise Ray {Frederick Harris} Cab 17/018-1 d : high v. (F)

Bainton, Edgar Leslie (1880-1956) English

Sanctuaries: song; words by Gordon Bottomley {Winthrop Rogers} 10/089 [16] : high v. [B min]

Bartlett, James Carroll (1850-1929) American

Rosemary: ballad; words by Scott Brampton {Oliver Ditson} Cab 17/039.5-2 : high v.: G

Bohm, Carl (Karl) (1844-1920) German

Still wie die Nacht (Still as the night / Comme la nuit) Op. 326 No. 27: altdeutscher Liebesreim; Eng. version Mrs John P. Morgan {Simrock} Cab 17/086-1.1 : high v.

Boyce, William (1711-1779) English

Tell me, lovely shepherd {from Solomon}: air; arr. Elizabeth Poston {OUP} Cab 17/094-1 b-d : high key (Db)

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

Abenddämmerung (The twilight hour); [words by] Adolf Friedrich von Schack {Simrock} Cab 17/098-4 : high v. E

Ausgewählte Lieder, Bd 1: [51 songs] {Peters} 09/025-8.5(1) a-b : high v.

Fifteen selected songs vol. 1; Eng. trans. Robert Whistler {Alfred Lengnick} 09/025-1(1) a : high v.

Fifteen selected songs Bk 2; Eng. trans. Robert Whistler {Alfred Lengnick} 09/025-1(2) b-c : high v.

Fifty selected songs: for low voice / high voice {Schirmer} 09/025-2 b : high v.

German folk songs (Deutsche Volkslieder) Bks 1-6 {Simrock} 09/025-4 : high v.

Lieder Bd 1: [51 songs]; rev. Max Friedlaender {Peters} 09/025-8(1) a : high v.

Twenty famous songs, vol. 1: new ed. w. rev. translations; Eng. by Elisabeth M. Lockwood, Fre. by Victor Wilder {Alfred Lengnick} 09/025-7(1) a,d : high v.

Wehe, so willst Du mich wieder umfangen? (Dost thou yet seek to detain me … ?) Op. 32 no. 5 {Rieter-Biedermann} Cab 17/099-5 : orig. (high v.)

Bridge, Frank (1879-1941) English

E'en as a lovely flower; words by Kate Kroeker (after Heine) {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/102-3 c : high v.

Love went a-riding: song; [words by] Mary E. Coleridge {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/102-1 a : high v. in Gb

Britten, Benjamin (1913-1976) English

Folk song arrangements vol. 1: British Isles: [7 songs] {Boosey & Hawkes} 09/030(1) b : high v.

Carissimi, Giacomo (1605-1674) Italian

Six solo cantatas, for high voice and keyboard: [inc. part for viola da gamba or violoncello]; ed. Gloria Rose {Faber} 01/025

Coombs, C Charles  Whitney (1859-1940) American

Under the silent stars: Christmas song [w. violin obbl. ad lib.]; words by Philip Brooks {Schirmer} Cab 17/137 : high v.

Crossley-Holland, Peter (1916-2001) English

The weather the cuckoo likes: for high v. & piano; words by Thomas Hardy {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 17/142.9(1) a-b : [No. 1] in G

Debussy, Claude (1862-1918) French

Romance; poésie de Paul Bourget {Durand} Cab 17/154-2 a : No. 1 high v.

Delius, Frederick (1862-1934) English

Twilight fancies (Abendstimmung); poem by Bj. Björnson {OUP} Cab 17/160-3 : high key

Dowland, John (1563-1626) English

Fifty songs Bk 1 nos. 1-25; sel. & ed. Edmund H. Fellowes {Stainer & Bell} 09/059.5(1) a-b : high v.

Fifty songs Bk 2 nos. 26-50; sel. & ed. Edmund H. Fellowes {Stainer & Bell} 09/059.5(2) : high v.

Duparc, Henri (1848-1933) French

Mélodies: nouv. ed. compl?te {Salabert} 09/062.7 : high v. (orig. key)

Dvorák, Antonín (1841-1904) Czech

Biblical songs (Biblische Lieder) Op. 99 Bk 2 (6-10): [5 songs] {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 09/063(2) b-c : high v.

Zigeunermelodien (Gipsy songs) Op. 55: [6 songs] {Simrock} 09/063-2 b : high v.

Eklöf, Einar (1886-1954) Swedish

Morgon (Sverige): sång; ord af K. G. Ossiannilsson {Lundholm} Cab 17/177 : high v.: Eb

Fauré, Gabriel (1845-1924) French

Neuf mélodies Op. 61; poésie de Paul Verlaine {Hamelle} 09/071.5-2 : high v.

Fearis, John Sylvester (1867-1932) American

Beautiful isle of somewhere: [sacred song]; words by Mrs Jessie Brown Pounds {Frederick Harris} Cab 17/188.5 : high v.: Bb

Franz, Robert (1815-1892) German

Die zwanzig schönsten Lieder {Siegel, Kistner} 09/073-2 : hoch

Gibbs, Cecil Armstrong (1889-1960) English

Love's prisoner; words by Willam Blake {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/219-12 : high in D

Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907) Norwegian

A Swan (Ein Schwan); words by Henrik Ibsen {Peters} Cab 17/234-6 : high v.

Gurney, Ivor Bertie (1890-1937) English

Desire in Spring; words by Francis Ledwidge {OUP} Cab 17/239-4 : (high) in G

Sleep; words by John Fletcher {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/239-2 b-c : high in Bb min.

Hageman, Richard (1882-1966) Dutch-American

At the well; words by Rabindranath Tagore {Chappell} Cab 17/241-2 : [No. 1] high. v.

Christ went up into the hills: song; poem by Katharine Adams {Carl Fischer} Cab 17/241-1 : high v.

Do not go, my love: [song]; words by Sir Rabindranath Tagore {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/241-4 b : high F# min

Do not go, my love: [song]; words by Sir Rabindranath Tagore {Schirmer} Cab 17/241-4 c : high F# min

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Art thou troubled? {from Rodelinda}; words by W. G. Rothery {Novello} Cab 17/250-4 a : high in Ab

Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me? {from Semele}; [from libretto by] William Congreve; arr. Carl Deis {Schirmer} Cab 17/251-4 a-b : high v.: E

Silent worship (from Tolomeo}; arr. Arthur Somervell {Curwen} Cab 17/252-8 c : high v.: A

Hawley, Charles Beach (1858-1915) American

The sweetest flower that blows: song; words by Frederic[sic] Peterson {John Church} Cab 17/262 b : high v.

Head, Michael Dewar (1900-1976) English

Sweet chance that led my steps abroad {from Songs of the Countryside}; words by W.H. Davies {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 17/266-5 a-b : high: No. 2 in F

Henschel, George (Sir) (1850-1934) Anglo-German

Progressive studies for the voice Op. 49. Pt 1, Sustained singing: [24 examples] {Novello} 19/023(1) : high v.

Progressive studies for the voice Op. 49. Pt 2, Florid singing: [24 examples] {Novello} 19/023(2) : high v.

Horn, Charles Edward (1786-1849) English

Cherry ripe; words by Herrick; arr. Cyril Scott {Elkin} Cab 17/501-6 : high v.

Ireland, John Nicholson (1879-1962) English

I have twelve oxen; Anon. (Early English) {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 17/294-3 a : high in G

If there were dreams to sell; words by Thomas Lovell Beddoes {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/294-4 a-b : high in F

Remember; words by Mary Coleridge {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/294-5 : high v. [in D]

Spring sorrow; words by Rupert Brooke {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 17/294-10 : high in Ab

Ives, Grayston (Bill) (1948- English

The falcon: for high v. & piano; Anon. {Roberton} Cab 17/294.8

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie (1862-1946) American

Just a-wearyin' for you {from Seven Songs}; words by Frank Stanton {Frederick Harris} Cab 17/296-1 b : high v.

A perfect day (Le jour divin); words & music Carrie Jacobs-Bond {Frederick Harris} Cab 17/296-2 : high v.

Jensen, Adolf (1837-1879) German

Ausgewählte Lieder und Gesänge: [27 songs]; rev. &c Max Friedlaender {Peters} 09/095-2 : high v.

Third album of 12 songs: for high or med v. 09/095-3

Kahn, Percival Benedict (1880-1966) English

Where the wild-fowl call: song; words by Marshall Roberts {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 17/308 : high v.

Kennedy-Fraser, Marjory (1857-1930) Scottish

Four Hebridean love lilts; arr. with Eng. and Gaelic words by K. MacLeod & M. Kennedy-Fraser {Boosey} 09/100-3 : high v.

Twelve selected songs of the Hebrides: from Vol. 1; arr. with Eng. and Gaelic words by K. MacLeod & M. Kennedy-Fraser {Boosey} 09/100(1) a : high v.

Knapp, Mrs Joseph F (ie Phoebe Palmer) (1839-1908) English

Open the gates of the Temple: song; words by Fanny Crosby {Frederick Harris} Cab 17/320 : [No. 3] high v. [in G]

La Forge, Frank (1879-1953) American

In pride of May: song; [after Thomas Weelkes?] {Schirmer} Cab 17/325 : [No. 1] high in C (orig.)

Lassen, Eduard (1830-1904) Danish

Two songs; Eng. words Mrs Malcolm Lawson {Stanley Lucas, Weber} Cab 09/106 a : high v.

Leoncavallo, Ruggiero (1858-1919) Italian

Prologue {from Pagliacci); words & music R. Leoncavallo; Eng. adapt. Frederic E. Weatherly {Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew} Cab 17/340-1 b : high (C)

MacDowell, Edward Alexander (1860-1908) American

Selected songs: [7 songs]; words by W. H. Gardner et al. {Elkin} 09/117 : No. 2 high v.

Malotte, Albert Hay (1895-1964) American

The Lord's prayer: voice & piano {Schirmer} Cab 17/380-2 d : No. 5 in Eb (high)

Martin, (Frederick John) Easthope (1882-1925) English

Fairings {from Four Songs of the Fair}; words by Helen Taylor {Enoch & Sons} Cab 17/384-2 : No. 2 in Bb (high v.)

Four songs of the fair; words by Helen Taylor {Enoch & Sons} 09/121-2 a : No. 2 high v.

Songs of open country: three songs; words by Helen Taylor {Enoch & Sons} 09/121-1 d-e : No. 3 high v.

Mascheroni, Angelo (1855-1905) Italian

Twenty-five melodious vocal studies {Gould & Bolttler} 19/040 : high v.

Melartin, Erkki (1875-1937) Finnish

O Herre … (O Vater …) Op. 13 No. 1: sång; [lyrics by] V. Krag {Lindgren} Cab 17/393 : high v.: E

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

On wings of song (Auf Flügeln des Gesanges) Op. 34 no. 2; Eng. version R. H. Elkin; ed. Sydney Northcote {Elkin} Cab 17/394-3 a : high v.

Merlin, Alfred (20th c.) English

Your hand in mine: song; words by Dorothy Worsley {Lawrence Wright} Cab 17/395 b : [No. 2 in] C (orig.) high

Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643) Italian

Scherzi musicali: [high voice w. (keyboard) basso continuo]; ed. Marius Flothuis {Broekmans & van Poppel} Cab 09/124

Parrott, Ian (1916-2012) Anglo-Welsh

In Phaeacia: song for high v.; words by James Elroy Flecker {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 17/441.85

Phillips, Montague Fawcett (1885-1969) English

Sea echoes: [3 songs]; words by N. B. Marsland {Chappell} 09/141-3 : high v.

Poldowski [=Irene Regine, Lady Dean Paul] (1879-1932) Anglo-Polish

L'heure exquise; poésie de Paul Verlaine {Chester} Cab 17/452-1 : high v.

Purcell, Henry (c1659-1695) English

Forty songs, vol. 3: [10 songs]; ed. Sergius Kagen {International} 09/145(3) : high v.

Forty songs, vol. 2: [10 songs]; ed. Sergius Kagen {International} 11/020(2) : high v.

If music be the food of love (first setting); ed. M. Tippett & W. Bergmann {Schott} Cab 17/460-2 a-b : high v. [in A]

Mad Bess (From silent shades ...); ed. M. Tippett & W. Bergmann {Schott} Cab 17/460-3 : high v.

Quilter, Roger (1877-1953) English

Daybreak {from Three Songs of William Blake} Op. 20 No. 3 {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/462-10 : high v.: A

Dream valley {from Three Songs of William Blake} Op. 20 No. 1 {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/462-10(1) : high v.: Gb

The fuchsia tree Op. 25 No. 2: song; old Manx ballad {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/462-12 b : high in C# min

Over the mountains {from Old English Songs}: song; words from Percy's Reliques {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 17/462-16 a-b : high v. [in A]

Ries, Franz Anton (1755-1846) German

Wiegenlied (Slumber song) Op. 33 No. 4; [von] A. Kayser-Langerhannss {Ries& Erler} Cab 17/472 a-b : hoch: F

Scarlatti, Alessandro (1660-1725) Italian

Ten arias for high voice; ed. Michael F. Robinson {Schirmer} 09/166

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

Gesänge Bd 1: [188 songs]; krit. rev. Max Friedlaender {Peters} 09/169-9(1) b : high v.

The Maid of the Mill: [20 songs]; Eng. trans. Theodore Baker 09/169-2.1 : high v.

Selected songs: [34 songs]; ed. Max Friedlaender {Peters} 09/169-5 a-b : high v.

Schubert songs: [16 songs]; ed. David Best {Universal} 09/170-2 : high v.

Songs (First vocal album complete - 82 songs); Eng. trans. Dr Theodore Baker {Schirmer} 09/169-8(1) b : high v.

To be sung on the waters (Auf dem Wasser zu singen) Op. 72; words by Friedrich Stolberg; Eng. version H. Stevens {Augener} Cab 17/496-12 : [high v.]

Twenty-four favourite songs; Eng. trans. Dr Theodore Baker {Schirmer} 09/169-7 b : high v.

Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) German

Sämtliche Lieder Bd 1: [77 songs] {Peters} 09/173(1) b : orig. (high v.)

Vocal album: 55 songs {Schirmer} 09/173-4 b : high v.

Shaw, Martin Edward Fallas (1875-1958) English

O, Falmouth is a fine town; words by W. E. Henley {Curwen} Cab 17/510-9 : high v. (E)

The song of the palanquin bearers; words by Sarojini Naidu {Curwen} Cab 17/510-8 a-b : high v. (E)

Sibelius, Jean (Johan Julius Christian) (1865-1957) Finnish

Aus banger Brust (O wert thou here) Op. 50 No. 4: with additional Swedish & Finnish text; [words by] Richard Dehmel; [Eng. trans.] Rosa Newmarch {Frederick Harris} Cab 17/514-1 : high v. (orig.)

Die stille Stadt (The silent town) Op. 50 No. 5: with additional Swedish & Finnish text; words by Richard Dehmel {Frederick Harris} Cab 17/514-6 : high v. (orig.)

Sjöberg, C L (1861-1900) Swedish

Tonerna: sång {Lundquist} Cab 17/518.2 : high v.

Speaks, Oley (1874-1948) American

On the road to Mandalay: song; from 'Barrack-room ballads' by Rudyard Kipling {Boosey} Cab 17/525-1 d : high Eb

Stanford, Charles Villiers (Sir) (1852-1924) Irish

An Irish idyll in six miniatures Op. 77; words by Moira O'Neill {Boosey} 09/185-2 b : No. 2 high v.

Strauss, Richard (1864-1949) German

Lieder-Album Bd 1: [11 songs]; Eng. words John Bernhoff {Universal} 09/186(1) : high v.

Lieder-Album Bd 2: [10 songs]; Eng. words John Bernhoff {Universal} 09/186(2) : high v.

Lieder-Album Bd 3: [10 songs]; Eng. words John Bernhoff {Universal} 09/186(3) : high v.

Morgen (Tomorrow) {from Vier Lieder Op. 27}; text: John Henry Mackay; Eng. words John Bernhoff {Universal} Cab 17/538-3(4) : high v.

Song album: [6 songs] for high voice & piano {Boosey & Hawkes} 09/186-2

Waldesfahrt {from Funf kleine Lieder Op. 69}: for high v.; [poem by] H. Heine {Boosey & Hawkes} Cab 17/538-4(4) : orig. (high) Ger. only

Tate, Arthur F (1870-1950) English

Songs from Memory-Land: [4 songs]; words by Edward Lockton {Cary} Cab 09/191 : high v.

Tate, Phyllis (1911-1987) English

The lark in the clear air: Irish air; words by Sir Samuel Ferguson; arr. Phyllis Tate {OUP} Cab 17/547.8 a,c : high in Bb

Thiman, Eric Harding (1900-1975) English

The rainbow: song; [words by Pope] {Novello} Cab 17/551-3 : high v. (G)

The silver swan; Anon. (c.1600) {Novello} Cab 17/551-4 b : high v. (C min)

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Elizabethan love-songs, 2nd Set: [30 songs]; ed. Frederick Keel {Boosey} 10/009(2) a : high v.

Forty Elizabethan songs Bk 4: [10 songs]; ed. & arr. Edmund Horace Fellowes {Stainer & Bell} 10/009.5(4) : high v.

Unterrichtslieder, Sammlung [60] berühmter Lieder; ed. Max Friedlaender {Peters} 10/091 : high v.

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) English

Greensleeves: English folk-song; words Trad. {OUP} Cab 17/555-7 : high (C)

Songs of travel, Part 1; by Robert Louis Stevenson {Boosey} 09/198(1) a : high v.

Songs of travel, Part 2; by Robert Louis Stevenson {Boosey} 09/198(2) : No. 2 for high v.

The water mill; from 4 poems by Fredegond Shove {OUP} Cab 17/555-5 b : high v. (Eb)

Warlock, Peter [=Philip Heseltine] (1894-1930) English

As ever I saw; Anon. {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/563-7 : high: Eb

Sweet content; [poem by] Thomas Dekker {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/563-5 : high: G

There is a lady sweet and kind; poem by Thomas Ford {Winthrop Rogers} Cab 17/563-6 : high: Db

White, Maude Valérie (1855-1937) English

Six songs {Edwin Ashdown} 09/209 a : high v.

Six songs {Chappell} 09/209 b : high v.

Wightman, John (19th-20th c.) English

Twilight it is: song; words by John Masefield {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 17/573 : high v.

Wolf, Hugo (1860-1903) Austrian

Gesang Weyla's (Weyla's song); Mörike (Eng. Marie Boileau) {Peters} Cab 17/588-4 : high v.

Möricke-Lieder Bd 1 (1-12) {Peters} 09/212(1) b : high v.

Möricke-Lieder Bd 2 (13-24) {Peters} 09/212(2) c : high v.

Verborgenheit (Secrecy); Mörike (Eng. Marie Boileau) {Peters} Cab 17/588-3 b : high v.

Woodman, Raymond Huntington (1861-1943) American

A birthday: song; words by Christina Rossetti {Chappell} Cab 17/593-1 d : high (Db)

Wordsworth, William Brocklesby (1908-1988) English

The image: vocal setting for high voice; poem by Richard Hughes {Alfred Lengnick} Cab 17/593.5


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