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Section 34 - Double Bass

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Baines, Francis Athelstane (1917-1999) English

Grounds for solo double bass; ed. Rodney Slatford {Yorke} Cab 34/020-1

Carroll, Ida (1906-1995) English

Three pieces for double bass {Forsyth Bros.} 34/025-1

Chapuis, Auguste (1858-1933) French

Chorale {Alphonse Leduc} 34/027

Hall, John Michael (b. c1970) English

Statements and variants: for unaccomp. double bass; ed. Rodney Slatford {Yorke} Cab 34/050-1

Simandl, Franz (1840-1912) Czech

Thirty etudes for the double bass {Belwin-Mills} 34/080-1

Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Double bass excerpts from the orchestral repertoire; sel. & ed. Eugene Cruft {Novello} 34/110-2

Double bass solo 2: new selection of pieces from the orchestral repertoire; [sel. & ed.] Keith Hartley {OUP} 34/120(2)

The Eugene Cruft school of double bass playing: method with repertoire; sel. & ed. Eugene Cruft {OUP} 34/110-1

Yorke solos for double bass & piano, vol. 1: 35 easy pieces; ed. Rodney Slatford {Yorke} 34/100-1

Yorke studies for double bass, vol. 2: 2nd to 4th positions; ed. Rodney Slatford {Yorke} 34/130(2)

Walton, John (1906-1991) English

'A deep song' for double bass & piano; ed. Rodney Slatford {Yorke} Cab 34/090-1


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